Giant Gruffalo Snakes And Ladders £7.49 @ Sendit

Giant Gruffalo Snakes And Ladders £7.49 @ Sendit

gruffaloSnakesAndLaddersI bet when Julia Donaldson first penned the Gruffalo she had NO idea how massive he'd become!

I mean, is there NOTHING sacred from the Gruffalo branding machine?!  Next there'll be jars and bottles of 'Gruffalo Fresh Air' straight from the deep dark wood - I actually looked up 'buy fresh air' and you CAN from the National Trust (if you're remotely interested you can read about it here) how bonkers is THAT!

But back to giant Gruffalo snakes and ladders - SO, it's for two to four players from ages three and upwards and having read some reviews it seems that every member of the families who own this game LOVE playing it.

The playmat dimensions are 1010mm x 910mm and is tough and hard-wearing, it can be used indoors AND outdoors (summer fun in the garden playing Gruffalo snakes and ladders...very cool, well if you're a Gruffalo fan it is!) and can be wiped clean too; perfect!  The game also comes with a jumbo dice which kids will just love chucking around to find out how many spaces they can move for their turn.

Delivery is free and for just £7.49 it would make for a great addition to the 'pressie drawer' if you have no desire to own this Gruffalo game yourself.

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!


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