Caption It Card Game £6.67 @ Amazon

26 November 2013
The Caption It Card Game is currently £6.67 at Amazon, reduced from £19.99. You'll have to add £3.30 for shipping if you're not buying anything else, making it come to £9.97.
There's not a huge amount of info on this game, but the reviews for it are fabulous. It seems like a great game for all the family.
Here's  a pretty good description of the game's outcomes.
This game made our Xmas! Several people we played it with were literally in hysterics - one person said it should have a health warning for asthma suffers and people with a heart condition!!! Maybe it was just us, but I really had a brilliant time with this game. It's so easy to play, even when you're really tired, full of food, had a few mulled wines etc, and seems to work with as few as 3 or as many as 9-10. The youngest
player we had was 18, so don't know if really little ones would like it, but the eldest was 81 - she had a great giggle. On several occasions I (and others) literally cried with laughter!
 It sounds like the perfect thing for all the family after a great Christmas day.

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