FREE Lindt Gold Bunny Activity Pack, Recipes, Special Events and more @ GoldBunny

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Okay, I admit it, I was looking at the big choccy eggs on the Lindt website. BUT, while I was there I stumbled across the Lindt Gold Bunny website, and if the kids are bored then get them to have a little look!

You can download and print off a free activity pack with games, colouring and recipes featuring the little gold bunny. There's a competition to enter, templates to make bunny ears, an Easter Egg Hunt pack all of which could fill a rainy day with some Easter fun.

There are also Lindt Gold Bunny Events all around the country, though they have very little information about what this involves! If you pop in your postcode it will let you know where and when your nearest events are, and if it doesn't involve the chance of some free choccy I'd be very surprised!

Goodness I need some chocolate now!

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