FREE Kids Pet Summer Workshops @ Pets at Home

FREE Kids Pet Summer Workshops @ Pets at Home

If you're looking for things to do with the little ones in the Summer holidays then these Pet Workshops over at Pets at Home look lots of fun! They are brilliant if you are just about to welcome a pet into the family or if you already have one. The best part is that they are all FREE to attend!

There's plenty of workshops all over the country for you to take your little ones to throughout the Summer holidays. You can find your nearest workshop by entering your postcode on the link above.

The workshops help teach children how rewarding pets can be and how to care for them. They also offer a fun filled set of activities that include products and pets for a hands on approach to pet care.

Once you have found a workshop that you want to attend you need to book your little one's place online. You will then be sent a confirmation email which you will need to take along with you on the day.

There's different types of workshops such as Summer Fishy Friends, Aquatics and Summer Small Furries. Have fun!


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