FREE Audience Tickets For CBeebies Justin's House

FREE Audience Tickets For CBeebies Justin's House

Are your children fans of the CBeebies show Justin's House? Well, how would they like to be in the audience?

The BBC have just opened the ballot for free audience tickets to the filming of the latest series of the show, and you can enter online now to be in with a chance of getting some.

There's a lot of guidelines with the application so make sure you have a good read of it all before you apply to make sure it's something you can make use of.

The main one is that children must be born between 1st Sept 2008 and 1st Sept 2011 to take part, as they find that younger children find it difficult to concentrate for whole of the filming time.

They are accepting group applications only, so you need to have a minimum of six children in your group to take part, so this would be ideal for schools, playgroups or organisations to apply. Larger groups that six can apply but they require a minimum of one adult per six children to attend.

The filming takes place at the BBC Studios at Media City in Salford on the following dates:

  • Thursday 2nd June 2016
  • Thursday 21st July 2016
  • Thursday 28th July 2016
  • Thursday 4th August 2016

You don't have long to apply for tickets as the closing date is 9th May. Know anyone who might want to take part? Let them know!


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  • Holli R.

    Gaaahh my little girl has been asking for ages to go see Justin's house & she was born November 30th :tired_face:

    • Anna S.

      Same - my lb is 15th Nov and this is one of his fave programmes!! X

    • Rebecca J.

      My daughter would love this too but doesn't fit criteria as she was born early 2013. But she sits through films at cinema & theatre shows. Bit sad really :disappointed:

      • Paula P.

        I thought the same my little boy would love it but he was born 2013 :/ x

        • Kirsty B.

          Snap. Our youngest is 2013 too. And our eldest is in school for 2 of the dates...

          • Rebecca J.

            Yeah I thought that too about the earlier dates.

            • Lis L.

              Same here. My son adores Justin but he was born in 2013 so cannot enter. Really disappointed :cry:

              • CY C.

                Same here. Bit rubbish....

                • Katie H.

                  Mine is july 2008 he would sit through it though.

                • Colleen G.

                  My kids out of bracket , would have loved it x

                  • Shell F.

                    Oh mine too young theyd love this

                    • Lisa L.

                      My daughter adores Justin but was born in 2013! Gutted

                      • Christina B.

                        My youngest born 2.9.11 missed by one day

                        • Hayley B.

                          Thanks I'm on it x

                          • Jen B.

                            A bit rubbish that only groups can apply......... My two girls would love this :(

                            • Jaime Y.

                              No individuals can apply also

                              • Jen B.

                                Just read the article again and it clearly states they are only inviting, groups, schools and organisations to apply

                                • Laura A.

                                  Yup definitely. It says due to child welfare and minimise the amount of adults there only groups with a ratio of 6 kids to 1 adult allowed.

                                • Hayley B.

                                  Just applying now think u have to be an organization xxx

                                  • Carolina W.

                                    My son would of loved this but he is too young and doesn't fit the criteria :(

                                    • Emma M.

                                      Shame only groups are eligible, my son would enjoy this x

                                      • samleo86
                                        1. Please may I be considered my little girl loves justin house we watch it all the time and she would love to go here to see it being filmed thanks xx
                                        • edandhen

                                          You need to apply to the BBC to enter the ballot, all the details of how to do so are on the link in the blog. Good luck! :)

                                        • Kim W.

                                          aww it's a shame it has to be a group/organisation/school to apply and not individually :(

                                          • viragoangel

                                            My Autistic son ADORES Justin,...obsessed with him.  We travelled 5 hours to Wales to see him a couple of years ago. Sadly he's 8(born APRIL 2008)  now so considered "too old" according to the criteria. 

                                            • Debby H.

                                              Oh no nine days too young! :disappointed:

                                              • Elaine M.

                                                My son would love this but was born sept 2012...... I took my son last ester to see the o2 to see Justin's circus and he was glued to the whole show and was only 2yrs 5 months !!!

                                                • Kirsty E.

                                                  My little girl would love to go but born Feb 2013. Gutted. She sits in cinema and sat through disney on ice and panto's :pensive:

                                                  • Louise M.

                                                    My son would love this but he is too young :(

                                                    • Fiona E.

                                                      Thank you

                                                      • Fiona E.

                                                        He is too young Alex is to old

                                                        • Annette W.

                                                          Yes read after lol

                                                        • Hazel T.

                                                          My son misses out by 1 month