Chief Imagination Officer Wanted (Under 9's Only)

Chief Imagination Officer Wanted (Under 9's Only)

Do you have a child that fits the bill for this 'once in a lifetime opportunity'? Charities Pupils Profit & Hope for Children are helping children's snacking brand Naturelly to recruit a Chief Imagination Officer.

This special position is strictly for candidates aged 9 or under.

What are the key responsibilities? The Chief Imagination Officer is required to show face on 2-3 informal Facetime and/or Skype meetings a year. One will be the Junior Board Meeting. They will be responsible for making sure the Naturelly Family are on the ball with fresh ideas, by offering offering guidance, support of new product development, advertising, creativity and brand strategy.

Skills/Experience Required: All they are asking is that the applicant can colour in, draw stick men and enjoy eating fruit and veg.

What is the pay like? There isn't any monetary payment but the successful applicant will be given a year's supply of Naturelly Jelly Juice for FREE as well as four £50 toys from Hamley's a year.

How to Apply? Submit in writing, in pictures or as a photo what their dream job would be when they grow up. All applications must be submitted to [email protected] by February 28th 2017.

The successful Chief Imagination Officer will start their post 1st May 2017. The duration of the post is one year, with a possibility to extend it by another year at the end.


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