Wonky Veg Boxes Now Available In Selected ASDA Stores

Wonky Veg Boxes Now Available In Selected ASDA Stores

EDIT 19/02/16: The Wonky Veg Boxes have been such a huge success that Asda will be extending it to a total of 550 stores all across the UK! Click here for the updated list of stores included.

I don't care what anyone says, but 'healthy eating' IS more expensive than junk food. Take it from someone who has always tried to feed her children 'made from scratch' meals as often as possible. I get roughly about half the amount of groceries if I choose to buy 'healthy'. This should not be the case. That's why I am delighted to see that ASDA have launched the Wonky Veg Box.

What is a Wonky Veg Box? It's all those bits of fruit and vegetables that are normally chucked away on the grounds they aren't aesthetically pleasing. Who cares? I don't know about you, but with veg, I tend to wash it, peel it, chop it and then cook it, so what's the difference? In it will be a mixture of 'in season' fruit and veg, that might have 'nobbly bobbly' bits on.

This is a trial by ASDA and is currently only being offered in selected stores only. Each of those stores will have 20 boxes for sale at £3.50 each. I am sure you will agree that's a good amount of veg for the money. Plus it's less wasteful and helps those lovely farmers to make a living.

I don't know about you, but I am off down to my ASDA to see if I can grab one of these Wonky Veg Boxes so I can make some Wonky Soup... the kids will love that!

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  • pie

    Hello there,

     I would like to know why you do not sell the so called Wonky Vegetable Boxes in any of your North East stores i.e. Asda Gateshead and Asda Gosforth. as surely the North east in supposedly really unhealthy and don't eat enough fruit and vegetables and if they were available people would buy t6hem, but like most things The NORTH is another world to people from further down the country.