Sizzling Pubs Promotional Code: £9.99 For Two Main Meals And Two Drinks

Sizzling Pubs Promotional Code: £9.99 For Two Main Meals And Two Drinks

Use this Sizzling Pubs promotional code to get two main meals and two drinks for £9.99. There are Sizzling Pubs up and down the country so if there's not one near you, if you're going away at all over the holidays you might be able to use this coupon at your destination or en route. Having said they're everywhere, there don't seem to be any in the part of Norfolk we'll be visiting in January, which is a shame.

Click here to use your Sizzling Pubs promotional code

  • Discount: two mains and two drinks
  • Minimum spend: £9.99
  • Promotional code: click on link above for printable voucher
  • Expires: 11th February, 2012

To use this code, click on the link above. Click on the Find your local pub & signup button to get the voucher emailed to you.

For the mains you can choose from:

  • Juicy 8oz Rump Steak
  • Half Roast Chicken & Chips
  • Portobello Mushroom & Goats Cheese Pasta
  • Add sliced chargrilled chicken or Quorn fillet to your pasta for an extra £1

For the drinks you have the choice of:

  • a pint of Carling
  • pint of Smoothflow Ale
  • 75ml glass of house Red, White or Rose wine
  • a regular 140z serving of draught Pepsi or Lemonade

Meals and drinks have to be ordered together. And while you can use the vouchers all day, every day - you CAN'T use them on bank holidays. So no going in on Boxing Day, or New Years Day, for example.

Thanks to webby443 at HUKD!


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