Sainsbury's Syn Free Food List

Sainsbury's Syn Free Food List

On Slimming World and stuck on what to put in your trolley when grocery shopping? You need our Sainsbury's Syn Free Food List. It'll make sure you buy all the diet-friendly stuff and shun those sneaky, naughty foods.

Remember, meat is only free when you remove all visible fat.

Don't shop at Sainsbury's? Get the Aldi Syn Free Food List here!

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  • PlayPennies

    Pin it for later>>>

  • Lynne D.

    Do you have one for Tesco?

  • Alex M.

    Seems like there's loads you can have! X

  • Alex M.

    Oh look at the bottom there's an Aldi list too! X

  • Michele R.

    Ooh ty I'll have a look x

  • Lisa K.

    Be careful sainburys and play pennies if SW gets jealous the lawyers will show their faces

  • Sarah L.

    I need this for me too :joy:

  • Claire B.

    I'm on it tomorrow!! Just having my final takeaway tonight :sob::sob::sob:

  • Christina T.

    Oooo this will be handy :blush:

  • Liz H.

    How good is that? They don't have kit kats listed though :joy::joy:x

  • danielw

    I agree where's the Tesco one!!!!!!

  • Ruth S.

    Can't see any chocolate on the list! Good job I don't shop at Sainsbury's!

  • Steven D.

    Thank you!!!! :) been looking for something like this for ages x

  • Rachel L.

    Or just go to any supermarket and buy meat, fish, eggs, butter, whole milk, nuts, veg and fruit and forget about the whole made up notions of 'syns'?

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