Myreen Young Organic Pregnancy Skincare Range Review

Myreen Young Pregnancy Skincare Range Stretch marks. Possibly unavoidable really when you consider what your body is going through during pregnancy. But even so, most of us try to avoid them if we can. I know I lathered on the Palmer's cocoa butter cream myself

Then we got the chance to review the latest additions to the Myreen Young organic skincare range. These are products developed for skincare during pregnancy.

Surprisingly enough at the moment none of the PlayPennies writing team are pregnant. So we got one of our mum's to be, Denise Bell, to test the products for us.

Denise is now 32 weeks pregnant with her second child. "During my first pregnancy i religiously applied Bio Oil and Palmer's Cocca Butter. Despite my best efforts my stomach soon resembled an underground tube map." Sounds like a familiar story to me! However, Denise did better than I managed with her skin care routine.

"I continued to apply these products post birth and the stretch marks did eventually fade. I know many people say that you will either get stretch marks or you wont and that applying creams will not make any difference. However, I would prefer to apply these creams and at least know that I tried to prevent the stretch marks if possible."

When Denise found out she was pregnant, she was keen to prevent any more stretch marks being added to the existing collection and was more than happy to take up an offer to review some of Myreen Young's products.

Stretch Mark Oil

Stretch Mark OilDenise received a 100ml bottle of the Stretch Mark Oil with evening primrose oil and rosehip oil. This costs £9.50. According to the website, this oil is helpful for preventing stretch marks and scarring pre and post pregnancy when skin is dehydrated and has lost its elasticity. It is meant to be high in vitamin C and antioxidants. I'm not sure what exactly these ingredients really do, but according to the website they are meant to nourish and rejuvenate.

The Stretch Mark Oil contains the oils of  soya, evening primrose, apricot, rosehip, natural vitamin E and C, along with extract calendula, and essential oils of lavender and mandarin. All Myreen Young products are organic.

Pregnancy Skin Supple Body Lotion

Denise also received a 150ml bottle of Pregnancy Skin Supple Body Lotion with rosehip oil and evening primrose oil. This costs £9.95.

Body LotionThe website describes this product as a 'bioactive' lotion to use during pregnancy and after birth when the skin can become more dehydrated . Its formula contains vitamins C and E and botanical extracts such as the natural extract of  calendula and evening primrose oil. Together these "gently protect, nourish, moisturise and heal stretching skin".

The lotion contains aqua (is that a fancy way of saying water?), cocoa butter, sunflower oil, almond oil, natural vitamin C and E, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, calendula, and the essential oils of lavender & mandarin. It also has natural preservatives.

The Verdict

Denise not only loved both of these products but has decided to swap over from her usual skincare products.  "I love the pump action packaging, no more trying to screw lids on with oily hands. One pump dispenses just enough to apply at one time." She realised that with her usual products, she'd been using them more because she thought she should, rather than because they smelt or felt nice.   .

"With the Myreen Young range I can't wait to get out of the bath or shower to smother myself in the products. They are easily absorbed, smell amazing and the body lotion is leaving my skin amazingly soft."

At this stage it is hard to say whether the stretch mark oil is working.  "I guess I can't really say what state my stomach would be in had I not used these products but my existing stretch marks have remained pale and silver and have not got any worse and so far (touch wood) I do not appear to have any new ones." Well at 32 weeks that's pretty good going I think!

However, I can't help but wonder whether it is really worth it given that the products are so much more expensive than the stuff I used when I was preggers. What did Denise think? "For the price of the products I would happily pay this just for the peace of mind of knowing I tried my best to prevent getting any new stretch marks."

And finally

Although we didn't get to review them here, the range does include two other products. There is the Pre-Labour Bath Oil with clarysage and lavender (£6.95 for 100ml) and the Pre-Labour Massage Oil with clarysage and lavender (£6.50 for 50ml).

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