Groceries Mid Week Delivery Pass Now £2 a month @ Asda

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Asda have lowered their online grocery delivery charges again, so that you can now get a Mid Week Delivery Pass for only £2 a month. This means that you can get your groceries delivered as many times as you need on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and as long as your shop meets the £40 minimum spend you will only have to pay £2 each month. As slots range in price from £1 to £3 on those days you could save as much as £132 a year if you had only one delivery a week.

If you only got one delivery a week that works out at 50p for each one - that cancels out the price of the pester power sweets at the till, let alone all the impulse buys (and the extras the kids sneak into the trolley!).

The Anytime Delivery Pass offers even greater savings, and more flexibility too, as you are not restricted to mid week days, but can have your groceries delivered whichever day you like, though this costs a little more at £5 per month.

I'm a big fan of online grocery shopping, mainly because it saves me so much time, but also because it saves money as I can keep track of what I'm buying. Paying someone 50p to pick all my shopping, pack it into bags and bring it into my kitchen whilst I get on with work or looking after the children is fantastic value.

Add this to the lower prices because of the Supermarket War and it's looking good for Asda customers.

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