Full Marks Nit Removal Comb £1 @ ASDA

9 September 2010

5038483500972_21000_IDShot_2 For the past few months we’ve had advertising about school clothes thrown at us from every single which way and corner. Now we have nits. If I see one more nit advert when I sit down to eat my supper I may actually cry. So, in the spirit of lice, here is a cheap nit comb from ASDA!

The Full Marks removal comb is down to £1 and is specifically designed to remove head lice and their eggs. It has closely aligned long metal teeth and an easy grip handle. Now they just need to invent a device that will hold the wriggling, shrieking child in place while you gouge out their hair with a metal comb.

I mean, seriously, what are people like me going to do? My daughter has extremely fine and extremely curly blonde hair. Two hours after I’ve spent ages picking out the knots, her hair looks as if she’s grown up on a Rastafarian hair 00CLicefarm. Imagine having to scrape a nit comb through that?

I’ve invested in anti-lice shampoo and conditioner, a lice shampoo that dissolved the blighters, and a lot of anti-lice prayers. Please, please don’t let them come near me! (Am I the only person who is now feeling very itchy?)

Thanks to smiler001 at HUKD!

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