Eat Healthy Portion Plate £3 @ Matalan

Eat Healthy Portion Plate £3 @ Matalan

Summer's just around the corner and with that comes the dreaded bikini! If you are looking to shape up and lose a few pounds or just generally eat healthier then this Eat Healthy Portion Plate is a must have!

This fab plate is a great way to control your portion size if you are trying to cut down. It has an easy to read guide to what you should be filling your plate with and how much you should be having.

You can get your hands on one of these Eat Healthy Portion Plates from Matalan, they are just £3 each.

They are brightly coloured with images of the foods and the food type you should be eating at each meal. They are a great way to encourage healthy eating amongst youngsters too.

Home delivery is £3.95 and becomes FREE on orders of £50 or more. Or you can Click and Collect your order for FREE to your local store.

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  • Emma �.

    these are a good idea!! X

  • Anthony D.

    I will stack mine high like a pyramid

  • Stacy S.

    No space for chocolate :hushed:

  • Lucy S.

    Oh they're good. Thanks Hun xxx

  • Nikki U.

    I hope there's a matching plate for cake??

  • Lisa H.

    Such a good idea actually. Would keep me in check!!x

  • Rob M.

    Where do my 6 sausages go.... in the vegetables section?

  • Toni E.

    :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: not bad for £3 xx

  • Lorraine L.

    I'm liking the sound of these :poultry_leg::fork_knife_plate::dango::green_apple::grapes:

  • Keith B.

    No height limits though, pile it on

  • Lc C.

    my kinda thinking :thumbsup_tone1::grimacing:

  • KM M.

    Might get one :thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Frankie-dee �.

    Worth a shot i suppose ay. Im gonna try an write a 4 week meal plan an see if i can stick to it :smirk::smirk: xxxxx

  • Nikki B.

    I got this other day its brill

  • Pauleen B.

    Been looking for one of these for ages x

  • Kellee W.

    Yeah it's good isn't it I've seen stuff like this before like xx

  • Lauren B.

    Aye I've never seen any in shops just online might buy one xx

  • Bruce H.

    Just use a whiteboard pen on our white plates? Job done :thumbsup:

  • Pippa B.

    I saw these the other day and thought what a great idea!!

  • Maria L.

    Can I put my pizza on this?

  • Abi H.

    I need one of these :grinning::thumbsup: xx

  • Jade C.

    That's a good idea as a focus activity, create their own plate of food. I will try get time to go Mataland tomorrow. I'm not sure if it's plastic or porcelain. If it's plastic would be good idea to have one on healthy eating signpost table

  • Pamela M.

    work needs to be done with some parents too, as so many can't actually cook & rely on fast/processed foods. Xx

  • Elaine M.

    I need one of them plates :grinning:

  • Nicki M.

    This is what i wanted that day but they didnt have any

  • James A.

    That plate needs a large cream slice.

  • Arlene C.

    Couldn't be more perfect if I'd painted it myself!

  • Jyorgia H.

    Great I need to go to Matalan anyway :relaxed:

  • Bekky B.

    Nipping in there tomorrow will get one xx

  • Paula W.

    Brilliant but they'll be sold out by the time we all get there :disappointed:

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