Easiyo Yoghurt Gift Pack £14.99 @ The Range

If making more food from scratch, eating healthier, or spending less were on your new year's resolutions, you should have a look at the Easiyo Yoghurt Gift Pack. The Range currently has a sale on the whole starter gift pack for £14.99 instead of £19.99 (a great price anyway - I bought the maker on it's own for £20 at a local health food shop!)

In the gift pack you will receive a yoghurt maker, the 1kg yoghurt jar, one yoghurt starter, 250g Real BerryFruit Squirt for flavouring the yoghurt, a cook book, instructions and a recipe booklet.

You can buy the yoghurt sachets separately to make the yoghurt every week or so - however long it takes you to work through a litre of yoghurt, but with a quick bit of easy Googling you can find hacks and recommendations on how to make your next batch using a few tablespoons from the previous batch to make the next one, making your ongoing outlay a very small one.

We make this yoghurt, and freeze it in the reusable pouches I reviewed last month for frozen yoghurt snacks for my children. And it really only takes a few minutes a week, and my children have sugar free yoghurt, full of probiotic bacteria. It certainly saves us a fortune on organic, actually-good-for-you-not-laden-with-sugar-or-sweetener yoghurts.

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