Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster £29.99 @ Kiddicare

Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster £29.99 @ Kiddicare

There are some things I come across and think what a great idea, I would totally use that. The Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster is one of those.

Click here for the Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster @ Kiddicare*

Kiddicare is one of few retailers in the UK that sell the Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster. It comes in at just under £30, at £29.99.

Please note that there is a 8-12 week wait time for these, although it could arrive earlier.

What is so special about the Pop 'n Sit Portable Booster is it's so usable. Quite simply it's a seat for your tot to sit in to eat and play. It folds up in seconds and features a removable, BPA free tray.

This brilliant portable booster is lightweight and comes with an over the shoulder carrying bag.

You can use it on picnics, trips to the beach or to use at Granny's house. It seems to be incredibly versatile.

There's a 3-point safety harness that includes chair safety straps so it can be used on a dining chair.


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  • Danielle D.

    Fab idea

    • Aimee H.


      • Lynsy J.

        Haha that's so cute :joy::joy:

        • Leanne B.

          might invest in this if we end up going camping next year X

          • Lisa J.

            this looks so cool x

            • Heidi C.

              Could do with one of these! Ha xx

              • Lisa J.

                That's what I thought x

              • Jo B.

                Thats ace x

                • Leanne B.

                  Wouldn't have even entered my mind about needing a high chair lol X

                  • Jo B.

                    It did mine putting it away today. Just tjought big one wud have to go in caravan lol x

                  • Jessie M.

                    these are brilliant x

                    • Theresa D.

                      this is a great idea to save space xx

                      • Tye F.

                        That's right good xx

                        • Clare L.

                          What age is this good for? My 20 month old would probably just tip it over...

                          • Nicola M.

                            It says birth to 3 years but I know what you mean

                          • Laurena H.

                            that would be brill for on the beach!

                            • Yvonne G.

                              Where would you get these

                              • Laurena H.

                                click on the link at the top xx

                              • Ciarra H.

                                This is so good

                                • Chelsey-Leigh S.

                                  Omg we need this hahaa

                                  • Louise W.

                                    Sooo cute xx

                                    • Helen K.

                                      Super cute xx

                                      • Sarah M.

                                        That's a fab idea! Xx

                                        • Tara R.

                                          this look amazing xxx

                                        • Frances A.

                                          how handy does this look!

                                          • Anne-Marie S.

                                            how good is that lol xxxxxxx

                                            • Leanne S.

                                              Wow lol, that's ace!!! Xxxxxxx

                                              • Anne-Marie S.

                                                £29.99 though :thumbsdown_tone1: he'll be too big for it soon if he carries on growing like he is lol xxxxxxx

                                              • Libby K.

                                                Camping chair for the babes !

                                                • Emma S.

                                                  This is great! So useful even just for picnics!!