Snoodie Triple Pack £12 Delivered @ Mama Scarf

17 November 2014

mama scarf

I had never heard of a "Snoodie" before the lovely Luschka told me about them. My little Daniel is going through that never ending drool stage. I can put a jumper on him and it's soaked through in minutes, so these were made for him! If you head over to small online retailer Mama Scarf you can get three of these Snoodies for the price of two. A three pack would usually set you back £15, but enter the promo code SNOODIE in at the checkout and you get £3 off, meaning these are yours for just £12 delivered.

We have all seen bandana bibs and such like in the shops, I think they look cute but me and little Daniel still manage to make a mess. These Snoodie bibs have an absorbent layer and don't just look cool, but sound and look like they might just do the job.

They do look like a snood, and fit snugly to stop "neck cheese" and drool. Neck cheese is what we call all the muck, sweat and drool that forms in my little ones neck. With a double popper fastening these are safe and ensure a good fit.

Let us know what you think of these cool Snoodies by Mama Scarf.

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