Original Crocs From £9.99 (In Store Only) @ Lidl

10 July 2015


What do you think of Crocs? They are priced at around the £16-£29 price point in most retailers and sell no bother at this price. Cheaper alternatives are available but unless you get the Original Crocs you can't expect the same quality. Lidl are selling Original Crocs cut-price just now and I can see them going down a storm. The kids' ones are only £9.99, the adults' just £11.99 and the Crocsband are just £14.99.

When Crocs first came out they were pretty popular and soon got a reputation for being a bit ugly. The thing is they are the comfiest thing that will ever grace your feet, so folk don't actually care that they aren't the prettiest shoes. Prince George wears them and since being spotted in them, he has sent Crocs sale rocketing. I even bought some for my own little Prince.

They are super popular to wear as slippers, but they are best used around the pool when on holiday. My kids wear their's at the beach as there are jelly fish EVERYWHERE. Yuk! They are super lightweight which means they won't weigh down your suitcase.

Thanks to Zorobandit @ HUKD

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