MAM Large Bottle Starter Set £19.99 @ Amazon

20 March 2017
MAM Large Bottle Starter Set £19.99

Quick! Grab the MAM Large Bottle Starter Set at the lowest price on Amazon. Normally, this hovers around the £35 mark, so it's an absolute steal for £19.99. You'll need to be fast before it sells out.

What do you get in the MAM Large Bottle Starter Set? three 130ml Bottles, three 160ml Bottles, six 260ml Bottles, six Sealing Discs, a Hold my Bottle Handles, a Soft Spout, a 0-2M Soother and two Medium Teats (size 2).

These are also self-sterilising, with a microwave which is rather handy.

You can have the MAM Large Bottle Starter Set delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. Otherwise it's £3.99. Top up your order with something like this Giffgaff Triple Card* for 1p.

Thanks to Hayley on our Facebook page.

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  • Katie T.

    We got this kit in pink for frankie xxx

  • Samantha D.

    Damn it !! Already ordered my bottles. Just got 3 though cause not really planning on using them :thinking:

  • Amy N.

    Yeh I got some pink ones from toysrus the other day, that deal looks good though will have to have a look xxx

  • Sophie H.

    Not sure if these are just green ones usually you can choose a colour lol. They are fab bottles I'm getting renesmae the pink ones this time :grin: xxx

  • Tabatha L.

    We were already gifted a tomee tipee steam steriliser with full set of bottles but if we have issues with them I'll bare these in mind! Thank you it's good to know what works for others!!

  • Claire E.

    Thanks sweetie, my sister used these and they were fabulous! X

  • Carolyn M.

    It's a really good offere iv been paying about that for 2 x

  • Karina W.

    They are brilliant, I bought these after my two didn't get on with the others....more expense, but was worth it x

  • Kealy H.

    Thanks seen this yesterday and ordered them bargain x

  • Kealy H.

    Not keen on colour tho but good price x

  • Sophie B.

    I see these but I liked the new design bottles lol xxx

  • Louise C.

    Typical ive just paid £20 for blue ones and only 8 bottles :sob::sob: xx

  • Gemma H.

    Thank you! Will get some ordered! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: x x x

  • Samnatha C.

    I wish i had known about these bottles wen i first had harrison they are so good for preventin colic xxx

  • Robert S.

    That's really good isn't it xxx

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