Join The Cow & Gate Baby Club For Free

Join The Cow & Gate Baby Club For Free


The Cow and Gate Baby club is free to join and well worth doing so. While lots of baby clubs will send you vouchers and coupons in the post, and C&G does that too, the real beauty of this club is the support it provides.

You can use their “friends finder” to meet other mums to be in your area, will receive weekly emails relevant to the stage of your pregnancy and there’s also a one-to-one Careline which offers support and advice should you require it.

You’ll be sent a pregnancy diary and the best item of all which is the free cuddly Cow & Gate cow. My daughter is 8 now and I still have the cow I received when I joined the C&G club and it does have a lot of sentimental value.

If you’re looking for a baby club that will see you through from pregnancy until your baby is a toddler, then this is the one for you.

Did I mention the free cuddly cow?....


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