Huggies Pure Baby Wipes 64 x 10 £6.75 @ Amazon

Huggies Pure Baby Wipes 64 x 10 £6.75 @ Amazon

Huggies Wet WipesAmazon are selling a 10-pack of 64 wipes, making 640 wipes, for £6.75. Delivery is going to set you back an additional £6.01, costing a total of £12.76. However, if you buy two packs, they'll cost you £13.50 and your delivery will be free. If I bought these at Tesco on sale right now, the same would still cost me £20, so I think it's a great price!

Huggies Pure wipes are 'created for delicate skin', providing gentle cleaning just like cotton wool and water - perfect even for newborns they say. It's made with natural fibres and purified water, they're free from fragrance and alcohol. Which pretty much sounds like it should be good for all baby's skin, even for using on the hands and face too.

Huggies wipes are made from coform, which is a blend of natural wood fibres and polypropylene as opposed to most other baby wipes which are a mix of man-made fibres. They say this makes it more quilted, more cushiony, with better thickness and feeling more like cloth.

As I parent with an eczema-prone child, the fact that the British Skin Foundation validates Huggies research into healthy skin means something to me, so hope they are right.

Thanks to AnnaMak at HUKD


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  • SuzieP16574
    It just says £14.99 now :-(
    • bexslee3
      It looks these have all gone ;-( Still if you are near an Asda they have boxes of 12 Huggies/Pampers/Johnsons for £8 a box coming in at 66p a packet.
      • liz1988
        I did this and the only ones I could find cost me £18 inc delivery. so not quite the £12 it says here. :-(
        • TamsinOxford
          I am sorry they are gone! Thanks bexslee3 for letting us know about the other deals!
          • PJDiddy
            Still working for me, just ordered 2 for £13.50 and free delivery despatched by Amazon next week.