HiPP Organic 2 Hungry Infant Milk 12 x 200 ml Cartons £3 @ Amazon

HiPP Organic 2 Hungry Infant Milk 12 x 200 ml Cartons £3 @ Amazon


We all know 'Breast is Best' when it comes to feeding baby, we also know that it is FREE. Some women are not fortunate enough to have the option of breastfeeding, which is a great shame. Therefore, feeding baby with formula is a common choice for those that cannot provide breastmilk. If your baby is already on formula and uses HiPP Organic 2 Hungry Infant Milk, then you are in luck. Amazon are selling TWELVE 200ml pre-made Cartons of it for just £3.

The Hipp Organic 2 Hungry Infant Milk is listed as an 'Add-On' item and therefore, you must add it to an order totalling £20 or more. You can of course order seven cases which would mean you get 84 cartons for just £21 delivered.

This HiPP Organic Infant Milk contains PRÆBIOTIK (GOS) and Omega 3 & 6 (DHA & AA). Hungry Baby formula is often used when baby is edging towards weaning but is not mature enough for solids. Always consult your health visitor for advice on baby feeding.

We DO NOT recommend you buy this if not already using it, nor do we say scrap breastfeeding because this formula is cheap. Having said that, we do not want to exclude mums that do choose to, or simply aren't able to bottle feed.


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