Hauck Alpha Wooden Highchair £35 @ Asda George

Hauck Alpha Wooden Highchair £35 @ Asda George

Asda George have this Hauck Alpha Wooden Highchair for just £35 as part for their Baby and Toddler Event, and that's way cheaper then other stores are charging for this type of highchair.

This is one of those highchairs that grows with your child so that it can be adjusted for different stages. It starts out as a traditional baby highchair for little ones aged six months and over that you can pull up to your table so that baby can eat with you. Then you can adjust the height and depth of the seat as well as the restraints in stages to suit toddler, small children and then older ones to see them up until around 12 years of age and beyond.

This is such a great price for this type of 'stages' highchair, as they seem to be upwards of £60 for similar styles in other retailers.

You can see the rest of the Asda Baby and Toddler Event here* as there are lots more feeding offers, as well as all sorts of other great deals on essential supplies for babies and toddlers.

Click and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £2.95 per order.

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  • Robyn C.

    Then another £35 for the tray

    • Sophie D.

      the high chairs I was on aboot!

      • Sharon B.

        These are ace! I now its a diff version but my parents still have the Tripp Trapp one that I had as a baby, and it still looks and is in brilliant condition after 34 years. These are definately a better buy than a normal highchair as they are useful way after babyhood!

        • Hannah S.

          We have this already for Ellie but I need the straps xx

          • Victoria R.

            For anyone thinking about getting this highchair - it's amazing! By far the best baby buy we've made. We never used the tray as wanted baby/toddler to take part in meals at the table. My sister bought the more expensive stokke version and there is hardly any difference. This high chair has been used Day in and day out by 2 kids and is about to endure the 3rd. Plus it looks much nicer than a great old plastic concoction and pushes under most tables - can't go wrong at this price!

            • Heather H.

              Think I'm going to get one tomorrow xx

              • Karen N.

                Its the same as the stokke!! Fraction of the price x

                • Russell N.

                  had one of these. hated it.

                  • Rachel S.

                    Did u not fit on it very well?