FREE Organix Strawberry & Banana Porridge 120g/Organix Multigrain Mini Puffs 90g @ Sainsbury's


Do you do your online shopping with Sainsbury's? If you do then be sure and get a freebie when you order. Sainsbury's have 3000 boxes of Organix Baby Breakfast foods. There's a choice of two: Multigrain Mini Puffs 90g or Strawberry and Banana Porridge 120g. My son goes wild for these and although they are suitable from 4 months (porridge) and 7 months my little Daniel is more than happy to scoff them still at one year old.

How do you get your FREEBIE? Simply do your shopping as normal with Sainsbury's then add either or both (you will only get one FREE) to your shopping cart. Then, once you are at the checkout stage, simply enter promo code FRORG1STCK and you will then receive one of them for FREE. That is providing they haven't been snapped up already.

The Organix Multigrain Mini Puffs 90g box* would cost you £2.50 without the code and the Strawberry and Banana Porridge* would cost £2.20.

You have until the 7th of April to claim yours, and this is the date that your delivery must also be by.

Even though the Strawberry and Banana Porridge is suitable from 4 months plus we must point out that the recommended weaning age is 6 months old.

Thanks to Holly1985 @ HUKD

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