Biscuit Glitch Using The Asda Price Guarantee (Expired)


I’m not sure if many of you will have shopped this way before and it sounds more complicated than it is. I’ve chosen this one to start because the initial outlay is small and mistakes can happen. Basically you’re manipulating the Asda Price Guarantee (APG) against other supermarkets to work in your favour. You have to do this in store at Asda.

As mums it’s instinctive to look for bargains, BOGOF and special offers as we go around the supermarket but STOP! That’s not what we want to do here at all. There are very few rules but you have to follow them to the letter. Do that and you can grab 4 packets of biscuits for less than 60p. This works on loads of things at different times, lager, chocolates, toiletries etc but if we start here, the next time a biggie comes up, you’ll be good to go.

So the “Rules” :

Firstly you have to buy 7 unique "filler" items for your APG to be accepted by Asda’s system. We’re looking for cheap items here, so 10p sweets for example or a single mushroom, onion, carrot, whatever but they must ALL BE DIFFERENT.

Next your “Glitch” items, in this case the Biscuits. You need 3 of these :
Yorkie (1.55/0.84)
Drifter (1.55/0.84)
Toffee Crisp (1.55 v 0.84)
Penguin Orange (1.59/0.69)
Penguin Toffee (1.59/0.69)
Penguin – triple choc (1.59/0.69)
Medley Rich Tea Rocky Road (1.80/1.00)
Medley dig caramel and choc (1.80/1.00)
Medley Hobnob raisin and choc (1.80/1.00)
Medley hobnob double choc (1.80/1.00)
Medley Hobnob hazelnut and choc (1.80/1.00)

With the Maryland below, DON’T pick up 3 of these, 2 the same or 1 of each is fine but no more.

Maryland Big & Chunky Milk & Dark Chocolate Chunk (1.99/1.00)
Maryland Big & Chunky White Choc Chunk (1.99/99p)

And lastly you need your “Trigger Item”. This is the item not recognised on the APG and is necessary for the whole thing to work.  In this case the trigger is 1 of these :

Pick Up Chocolates OR Foxy Cookie Dough.











And that’s it. So you have 7 fillers, 3 packs of biscuits and 1 trigger in your basket. Depending on what you choose, you will spend around £3.70. DO NOT buy anything else. If you need other shopping, separate the shops.

KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and after 3 hours enter the details from it into the Asda Price Guarantee System and you’ll be greeted with a lovely message apologising that Asda weren’t the cheapest and prompting you to print your voucher. This should be for just over £3, depending on your choices.

After that you can do it all again with the voucher generated or spend it on anything in store. You have to keep your receipt to redeem your voucher, you can use more than 1 per transaction and they have to be redeemed within 28 days.

It’s well worth trying this on this glitch, as I mentioned it’s only a few pounds outlay and if you get into the way of it now, you’ll be ready for when the biggies hit!

This could be fixed at anytime by Asda but generally these have a good run each time, like any glitch though it’s not guaranteed.

Buying everything shown in the top picture would cost approx £3.41 and you'd get a voucher back for £3.14.

What do you think? Something you would try?

Thanks very much to henlans @ HUKD for all the info and pics!


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