50% Off Clever Fork & Spoon Set @ LittleBird

50% Off Clever Fork & Spoon Set @ LittleBird

It can be a real challenge for little ones, learning to use cutlery. There are some real cool sets on the market, but do any actually aid them in using properly? The Clever Fork and Spoon Set claims to do just that.

Normally, The Clever Fork and Spoon Set sells for £12.49 but discount deal site LittleBird are offering them for just £6.25. There is also a £2.99 delivery charge per order, which means you can get more than one set and pay one delivery charge only.

What is so special about The Clever Fork and Spoon Set? The Fork and Spoon included are designed so that children can become more independent at mealtimes.

The fork has rounded tips on the anti-slip prongs to stop food from falling off before your little 'un gets it in their mouth.

With the silicone easy twist grips, your child will be able to hone their fine motor skills without getting frustrated.

Normally, with LittleBird you buy the deal and you have to redeem it at a third-party site, but not with this - just order it via the link above, pay for it and it'll be sent out to you.


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