Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings Revealed

Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings Revealed

Haribo sweets, boiled eggs with horseradish and garlic mushrooms dipped in custard are among some of the strange foods craved by pregnant women, according to a new study.

Researchers who polled 1,400 mums found others had a hankering for dry chocolate powder while one vegetarian even said she suddenly developed a taste for bacon.

Grated carrot mixed with ketchup, cold toast with Marmite and a banana and ready salted crisp toastie are also among the weird combinations pregnant women have wanted to tuck into. Mmm.

More than a third of women also said they craved ice cubes and ate them during their pregnancy.

The study, by Pregnacare, found 67 per cent had cravings while they were pregnant, with chocolate, fruit and ice lollies the most common.

Cake, fizzy drink, ice cream and spicy food are also popular foods women long for during pregnancy.

But research suggests there has been an increase in cravings for more unhealthy options with three in 10 women today admitting they wanted chocolate while they pregnant.

However, they said their mums were more likely to want lean proteins and fish during their pregnancies, a shift nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston believes could be due to the influence of modern diets and the wide availability of processed foods.

She said: “Rarely, a true nutritional deficiency can trigger cravings and is thought to be behind the condition pica, where there is an intense craving for non-food items such as soil or clay.

Yvonne added that the cravings for more unusual foods, and those which women don’t usually eat prior to falling pregnant could be a result of searching for foods they ate as a child which leave them feeling cared for.

And while it is thought women often crave the foods which will offer the nutrients they need during pregnancy, often the opposite is true.

Yvonne said: “It is thought women may have pregnancy food cravings as it is a time of higher nutrient need.

“However, the most reported food cravings don’t tend to be for the healthy foods which are needed in pregnancy such a rainbow of differently coloured fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, beans, lentils and seeds.

“The most reported cravings are for low-nutrient foods such as chocolate and ice-cream.

“Cravings for sweet foods and starchy carbohydrates are usually at the top of the list and in my nutrition clinics pregnant women report the desire for carbs from early pregnancy, and especially when nausea kicks in.

“What drives this isn’t fully understood. It may be that the energy dip associated with early pregnancy triggers the craving for quick fixes which, if indulged, lead to a blood sugar low and the craving for more.

“Many carbs such as bread, pasta and crackers are also quite bland and gentle on the stomach so seem a natural choice when feeling sick.”

Most popular pregnancy cravings:

1. Chocolate

2. Fruit

3. Ice lollies

4. Cake

5. Fizzy drinks

6. Ice cream

7. Spicy food

8. Biscuits

9. Desserts

10. Chips

11. Fried Chicken

12. Burgers

13. Bread

14. Pizzas

15. Boiled sweets

16. Peanut butter

17. Crackers/ rice cakes

18. Greens like spinach

19. Pasties

20. Fish

Some unusual cravings:

Haribo sweets

Boiled eggs with horseradish

Garlic mushrooms dipped in custard

Dry chocolate powder

Grated carrot mixed with ketchup

Cold toast with marmite

Cold rice pudding

Banana and ready salted crisp toastie

Potato salad and spaghetti hoops together

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  • Janet M.

    Gerrkins picked beetroot , bananas, fresh apricots . I couldn't stand the smell of coffee or petrol

  • Kerry B.

    Sucking on bath sponges ( new ones:joy::joy:)....I used to hide in the bathroom husband really worried how often i used to go to the bathroom till i told him what i was doing :hushed:

    • Nicole P.

      Apparently this is caused by iron deficiency I do it too and have low iron I googled it :joy: my mouth waters just thinking about it :joy: x

    • Kerry B.

      Glad i wasn't the only one haha x

    • Beverley H.

      I did it too through both of my pregnancies, more so on the first. Drew the line at car sponges though, too big :joy:

    • Emma M.

      I'm just obsessed with eating bubbles (like from a bubble bath) :joy:

    • Nadia J.

      feel less weird now that I'm not only one to do this :joy::joy:

    • Louise B.

      Yep, that was me :joy: was also partial to a bit of coal and the smell of dove soap

    • Eve B.

      I still do it now .... 18 month later x

  • Vicky R.

    Sprouts mashed inside a cheese toastie

  • Debbie H.

    Lemon Meringue pies with my first and tuna & horseradish sauce sandwiches with the 2nd.

  • Nicola D.

    :wink: picked onions dipped in sherbet :joy::blush:

  • Jenny B.

    I craved salt with my son.

  • Samii B.

    Pickled beetroot and couldn't stand cheese or the smell of oil

  • Vikki M.

    Olives, Jalapenos, pickled gherkins/onions and beetroot In that order :joy:

  • Missy B.

    Parsley sauce on everything even cake.

  • Charlotte M.

    Red peppers, grapefruit & jalapeños.

  • Stacey M.

    Soap :joy: although I didn’t eat it just sniffed it :joy:

  • Laura S.

    1st satsumas 2nd pickled onions 3rd bubblegum (fire balls!) 4th raspberry jam doughnuts :joy:

  • Samantha E.

    Pickled garlic and pickled onions

  • Nj1981

    i craved cherry tomatoes with my eldest and then pomegrantes with my youngest..

  • Grace A.

    That picked ginger in sushi packs.

    • Dave D.

      I'm still craving that. Daughter is 4.

  • Nj1981

    i craved cherry tomatoes with my eldest and then pomegrantes with my youngest.. weird but i could eat them all day long and not feel sick..

  • Victoria J.

    Tub of curry sauce with malteasters in and cans of Barr’s cherryade :heart_eyes:

    • Lucy A.

      Pregnancy is a funny thing xxx

  • Jade

    My daughter it was the sour pink and blue milkshake sweets. With my son it was celery with salt and vinegar on it :joy:

  • Sara H.

    Just food! When I needed to eat, I needed to eat straight away!!

  • Linda B.

    I ate lemons and limes whole like apples when I was pregnant with my daughter :joy:

    • Linda B.

      All of them were sour things. With Eva and Alice it was just a little bit of le.on or lime with Lucy I used to eat them whole :persevere:

  • Louise G.

    Cold baked bean sandwiches haha

  • Patricia C.

    Polo mint and cheese and onion crisp sandwiches with my eldest one

  • Nicole R.

    I craved ice with both of mine! :snowflake:

  • Paula B.

    Asda smart price mild cheddar and cucumber sandwiches, HAD to be asda smart price on the first and I was desperate for but didn't give into the craving for cocktails on my second so I had shandy pop.

  • Kelly B.

    1st curry 2nd KFC Lemons and ice 3rd pre packed food as I thought hubby was poisoning me 4th maltesers

  • Kelly M.

    With my 3rd the smell of new shoes hahaha :joy: weird <<<

    • Nicky L.

      Wellys and hot water bottle the rubber smell for me lol :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Helen P.

    Salami and banana toasted sandwiches

  • Donna H.

    Nothing unusual with my first 3 but, Coriander leaf with my forth, so much so that I had plants all around the house so I could pinch out the leaves. Can’t stand the stuff now though.

  • Natasha R.

    Chip shop chips with lashings of salt and vinegar with my first (boy) and Cadbury’s mini eggs with my second (girl) but more the smell of them rather than the taste lol :joy:

  • Victoria M.

    Cider and Bacon but substituted the cider with Appltizer :wink:

  • Yvonne E.

    Radox bubble bath, i would have a bath and eat the bubbles.

  • Amy S.

    My first was fish with ketchup and second was soap powder :see_no_evil:

  • Stacy D.

    Sooking cold water out off new sponges :see_no_evil:

  • Sarah R.

    I only craved with my first born and it was play doh. The other 3 didn't crave anything.

  • CJ C.

    Cooked carrots. And now my son loves them lol

  • Chelsey T.

    I craved lemons with my first daughter, all things sour I think it was to stop that sweet taste you get when you’re sicky. Breakfast lunch and dinner was just lemons. Ate so many I blistered my tongue and inside of my lips and still couldn’t stop until I was about 7 months gone.

  • Emma B.

    Surf 'towie' washing liquid..... not eating it but having to carry the bottle around and smell it constantly :joy::joy:

  • Crystal G.

    1st was jelly babies, kinder eggs and McDonald’s banana milkshake 2nd was cherry plum tomatoes and cream soda with lime cordial Both girls :girl_tone2::baby_tone2:

    • Leà D.

      McDonald's do a banana milkshake?:scream:

  • Nicola M.

    Books, the older the better, got so bad I couldn't walk past a Waterstones for fear of being caught licking their books x

  • Stacey S.

    With my 1st, grilled cheese on toast, mini eggs and sliced potatoes with gravy. With my second, ready salted walkers crisps.

  • Kerry B.

    I chewed on plastic throughout the majority of all of mine :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

  • Emma-louise D.

    I had anti craving for meat and fish but all I could eat was green veg like broccoli and spinach, my iron levels were through the roof lol xx

  • Hannah C.

    Water I drank gallons and when I was a asleep I would have dreams about it

  • Leah S.

    Mine was cherry tomatoes...I ate a whole pack a day and strangely my daughter is now allergic to them! Her mouth blisters if she eats them :frowning2:

    • Leah S.

      Oh and Olives with my first pregnancy!

  • Kerri C.

    Ice,i crunched it all day everyday

    • Annmarie B.

      Same here. With all 3 :joy:

  • Samiita K.

    The photo on the front of this article just made me :joy:

  • Jackie H.

    Sniffing petrol as soon as I had my son the craving g went With my twins nobbley bobbly lollipops

  • Jenny F.

    licking wet flannels

  • Debby D.

    Herby olives, really really strong coffee and beer and I don't drink x

  • Nicky L.

    Sniffing new welly boots made my mouth water.. I think if they are edible I would of ate them :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: and I was addicted to ice and slushys with all 3 kids

  • Lesley-Anne M.

    1st fudge donuts & after dinner mints 2nd tuna sandwiches & strawberry tarts 3rd bacon & cheddar cheese 4th humus

  • Janice R.

    Mixed pickles,Gherkins,cauliflower,onions etc

  • Claire W.

    My mum craved the smell of petrol with one of my brothers :speak_no_evil:

    • Kerry D.

      Same for me with all 3 of my boys :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Cesia S.

    Raw potatoes with my son Scrambled egg and maple syrup with my daughter

  • Sharon T.

    My daughters was ice cubes

  • Amy S.

    cheese and marmite sarnies with baby number one. for both my second it was ice lollies - anywhere between 40 and 60 of them a week

  • Kerry D.

    No food cravings.. with all 3 boot polish, petrol and jeys fluid.. clean shoes, car filled up & a clean house :see_no_evil: with my 3rd I had a strange urge to explore derelict buildings a literal craving to drive by and look.. I resisted break & enter :joy:

  • Sammy R.

    Rooks cheese puffs or wooden spoons

  • Anastasia M.

    Galaxy chocolate dipped in piccalilli

  • Nicola C.

    Pickled onions and shandys with my first Eating ice with my second Anything that was food with my last :joy:

  • Ali B.

    Greggs crispy cakes - hundreds of them!

  • Melanie S.

    With my daughter I craved the fat from fast food and my son it was gurkins and salad bits

  • Jennie V.

    1st boiled beetroot and milk and 2nd fried onions and lemon

  • Pollyanna H.

    Anything really really sour. Hot hot hot spicy food and green apples (which sadly started when I was in the shower washing my hair with Apple soap)...

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