Top Ten Cleaning Hacks

Top Ten Cleaning Hacks

When I tell people I have OCD they assume that all I do is clean, and when not cleaning, I fret about getting the cleaning done. Not true. Cleaning absolutely sucks. Sure, some sadistic folk out there love it, but I have a million other things I would rather be doing.

If it's a choice between shopping or scrubbing the oven, you better hand me my purse.

What if I told you a few ways, to cut your cleaning time down, and some to half the effort, but maximise the results? Yup, just as I thought - you'd be clasping your hands together, shouting "hallelujah!".

Number One: Cleaning the Bath

Holy moly, some of those Bathroom Cleaners you get, take your breath away. Buy a lemon for 20p and grab some salt out the cupboard. The acid of the lemon and the abrasion from the salt with cut through and slay any grime. All you'll be left with is a fresh, clean smell.

Number Two: The Dreaded Microwave

Oh Lord, if ever there was a close second to cleaning the oven, it would be scrubbing the microwave. Why oh why, does food have to explode. It doesn't even matter how careful you are.

Forget scouring for half an hour. Reach for a glass jug, water and a lemon. Put the lemon and the water into the jug, microwave for three minutes, leave for another couple of mins, then wipe all that muck away. It's literally easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Psst... this method is good for getting rid of bad smells in the microwave too.

Number Three: The Worst Job Ever...The Oven

Dirt is dirt, but when it's baked on dirt - oh hell no! No-one likes cleaning the oven. Anyone who says they do is lying!

Here's the answer to all your prayers... Sprinkle baking soda all over your oven. Pour some White Vinegar into a spray bottle and go to town with it on top of the soda powder. They will fizz up and get rid of that film of filth no bother. You are best to scrape of any stuck on bits before you start and you should leave the solution for around half an hour.

It's actually crazy how well this works. Just wipe and rinse it away with hot water... for stubborn spots, use a scourer sponge. This method can be used on the hob too.

Number Four: Cleaning The Toilet

Stale urine isn't going to make the top of anyone's favourite smells list. Grab that pissy toilet brush and a can of Coca-Cola and you can clean that porcelain potty with ease. Literally pour it all over the inside of the pan and scrub.

Number Five: Unclogging Drains

I am the main reason our shower gets blocked. My long hair sheds as I shampoo it, then it forms a big blockage, which gets smelly. Fishing it out is never a nice task.

My saviour is that baking soda and vinegar trick again. Put half a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by half a cup of white vinegar. It'll start foaming up, like a rabid dog. That's what you want.

Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then pour down boiling hot water. Voila! Your blockage has gone. If it's not shifting, repeat.

Number Six: Getting Out Greasy Stains On Clothes

Every time I put something new on, I either get splatters off what I am cooking or my son will paw me with his grubby mitts.

If you end up binning all those lovely clothes of yours with greasy stains on, then don't do it anymore. Grab a stick of chalk or flour and rub it over the stain surface. Leave it for a while and wash as normal. Your greasy mark will have been absorbed by the powders.

Number Seven: Removing Dog (Or Cat) Hair From Everywhere

They are loyal, loving and that's why we have them. Unfortunately, they leave little piles of themselves pretty much everywhere. You can vacuum as much as you want but sometimes there's no way of getting all that dog hair off the sofa.

Get A Window Squeegee! Yes, that handy little water scraper is just the tool to gather all that stubborn fur and hair off of carpets and sofas.

Number Eight: Getting Every Nook And Cranny Clean

Got a little corner that is mucky, but your hand is just too cumbersome? Get a toothbrush! They can be used to scrub around taps, plugholes, toilets and well wherever else you like.

Number Nine: Dusting

Use your ripped tights or stockings to dust. The static electricity from friction causes dust to lift and stick to the hosiery. This method is great for dusting candles too.

Number Ten: Tidying Up Toys

The best advice is to get the kids to help you! For those small toys and LEGO pieces, get a dustpan and scoop them up in that. It'll save time on your hands and knees fiddling about.

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    to get the grease out of ur jumper use chalk apparently!

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