The Best Board Games For Christmas 2016

The Best Board Games For Christmas 2016

Board Games are BIG news. Get that image out of your head, of waiting on your turn to roll the dice as your mum and brother bicker. Games are so much more these days, and we can't get enough of them, literally. Last year, retailers struggled to keep Pie Face in stock, and Speak Out is showing the signs of doing the same this year.

We decided to see what's on offer for Christmas 2016, and here's what we reckon will be flying off the shelves.

Speak Out

This game involves plastic mouth guards, cards with words on and an egg timer. What could possibly go wrong? Forget the kids, us adults will have a ball with this after a few Christmas tipples.

This is going to be a hit this year and we know this because it's already sold out everywhere and is selling for double the price on eBay. Keep your eyes peeled here and you might just bag yourself one.

Minions Pie Face

OH. MY. GOD! Minions Pie Face! It's not out yet, but it's going to appear in a Toys R Us near you very soon. I don't care that I own the original or that I will most likely buy Pie Face Showdown (see below), I am having this.

There's a little cutout of a Minion for you to place your face in, which just begs for Selfies and Mugshots if you ask me.

Price to follow on release.

Pie Face Showdown

The success of Pie Face last year was incredible and now the makers have upped their game and brought out Pie Face Showdown as well, as Minions Pie Face. Instead of one person being at risk of being splatted, there's two of you at the one time.

The best bit is you can hit a button to try and get the other person's face in a mess. It sounds like lots of fun for the whole family. Pre-order yours* for £22.99 from Smyths.


Monopoly will never go out of fashion because whenever we get bored of the original, they churn out another special edition that we just have to own. Game of Thrones, Pokemon or even DC Comics Retro.

One thing that stays the same, is the logic of the game and the fact everyone will fall out due to cheating accusations. It's all good though, as that's part of the appeal.

Catch 'em all with this Pokemon Monopoly for £34.99 at Forbidden Planet.

Moustache Smash

Moustaches are cool, no? You either find them trendy or ridiculously hilarious so this game pleases most. Everyone is snap happy come the festive season, so what better than a game that lets you pose for selfies with a funny moustache?

It's basically snap with props, but it's much more exciting because of the plastic moustaches with suction cups attached.

It won't break the bank either at just £9.99 from Smyths*.


If there's one way to get down with the kids, it's to adopt their fascination with poo. Seriously, kids like anything gross and this game just panders to that. It's fun and a little bit yukky, you won't fail to have a giggle or two on Christmas Night with this game.

There's a farty Whoopy Cushion, Soft Poop on string to sit on your head and cards with poo on. You cannot go wrong with this one. I can already hear the laughter of thousands of children.

Grab it here*, for just £10.99 at Bargain Max*.

Splashy the Whale

It involves water which means the kids will go daft for it. You'll join in and find it funny until your mascara runs straight into your eyes and hubby puts photos of you all panda-eyed up on Facebook.

You need to have a steady hand to fish out the sea themed bits out of the whales mouth or you'll get soaked. This is NOT one for after a bottle of Prosecco.

Stick it in their Stocking for £17.99 from B&M*.

Exploding Kittens

If you kids like the humour of Adventure Time, then they are gonna love this rather peculiarly named game. It's more of a card game than a bored game but we know this will be on many shopping lists, this Christmas.

Older kids often get lumped with sickly sweet games for younger kids, so they would be pleased to have this I am sure of it. The illustrations that feature on the cards are absolutely hilarious as is the whole game really.

Get it for £15.99 from Amazon*


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    Exploding kittens!?! Erm NO. just no.

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      one of the most fun games i own

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    Oh my god yes!!! Amazing :-) xxx

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    3 for 2 at Argos atm on toys

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    look minions :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::hugging::hugging::thumbsup::thumbsup::smiley::smiley: xx

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