Where To Buy Speak Out Game In The UK 2016

17 December 2016
Where To Buy Speak Out Game In The UK

Want to know where Speak Out is in stock right now in the U.K? You've come to the right place. The links below will let you see where it's currently in stock and also where has the best prices.

Speak Out has been dubbed the "Pie Face of 2016" and it's the game everyone will be playing come Christmas Day. Popularity pushes those prices up though and getting stock can prove difficult, so bookmark this article now to make sure you don't pay over the odds.

In Stock

Limited Stock / Delivery / Higher RRP

Currently Out of Stock

Oh this Speak Out Game looks like fun! I am a little concerned about the drool that is more than likely involved, but I am sure if you clean the mouth guards that are included, then all will be fine.

The game comes with 5 mouthpieces, 200 double-sided cards, timer and instructions. Each of the 5 players will be given their own mouthpiece and when it's their turn will have to try and speak out the words on the cards. As they do so, they are timed and the other players gain points by guessing what they are trying to say.

Will you be grabbing a 'Speak Out' Game for Christmas 2016? I know I will, along with a bottle of gin - think of the hilarity!

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  • Laura G.

    we need this for new year!

  • Danielle M.

    We need this! :joy:

  • Jessica K.

    we need to get this for Christmas Day lol x

  • Hollie M.

    Xmas day :joy::joy:

    • Jodie M.

      needs to be quick x

  • Lauren S.

    A definite Christmas game this year :joy:

    • Lindsey B.

      It will sell out like Pie face did x

    • Lauren S.

      Yeah it's sold out in stores but can get it on studio so might have a look X

  • Stephanie E.

    here it is :grinning::thumbsup:xx

    • Lena E.

      I want it, would be so funny :joy:

  • Sharon P.

    for our annual Xmas get together

  • Keileigh C.

    we should get this for over Xmas lol! Xxx

    • Kirsty C.

      I tried getting it, every where is sold out xxx

  • Shauna G.

    this looks hilarious x

    • Leanne C.

      Yes think we should get one :blush:x

  • Amanda M.

    another game for Christmas xxx

  • Sara P.

    this is our xmas game

  • Harriet G.

    I'm gna buy it!!!

  • Hayley L.

    Anyone know why it's for ages 16+, is it because of the size of the mouth piece or the content of the game? Thanks

    • Holly H.

      i believe its because of the mouthpiece causing a choking hazard in smaller kids

    • Holly H.

      educated guess though - i once had something similar fitted at the dentist - they used adult size as they ran out of kid and i did choke on it. So i believe that would be why.

    • Gillian M.

      The cards also have unsuitable sayings on some

  • Seodhna B.

    Omg yes :grin::joy::joy::joy:

  • Louise R.

    My favourite game :joy::joy::joy::joy:! Xx

  • Jacqueline W.

    we need to get this :joy:

  • MrsJemma M.

    im ordering this lol x

  • Lauren S.

    Would be so much fun at Xmas ,, :joy:

  • Abbie F.

    we need to get this for weekends! :joy::joy:

  • Nicola M.

    Totally buying this for Xmas day! Lol haha!

    • Emma M.

      Hahahaha ace!

  • Katie E.

    I wanna get this :joy::joy:

  • Sarah B.

    we need for Xmas day

  • Sarah T.

    Yes!!! We've gotta get it :joy:

  • Andrea R.

    We need it for xmas xxx

  • Cally D.

    this looks cool!!! X

  • Louise A.

    this looks hilarious...

  • Lorna B.

    we need to get this x

  • Kerri S.

    We need this for Christmas :laughing::joy::santa:

  • Jean P.

    16+? x

  • Maxine F.

    this would be hilarious

    • Jacqueline K.

      Especially if you are drunk lol x

    • Maxine F.

      omg think I will defo be purchasing this x

  • Emma B.

    Need to get it before it sells out il investigate tonight!

  • Kelly S.

    Our xmas day game this year :santa::christmas_tree::snowman2::gift:

  • Caroline F.

    only £19.99 here x

  • Adel B.

    Thank you x.

  • Collette G.

    It looks ace I'm gonna get it for Xmas xx

  • Alice M.

    we need to have a games night with this so funny

    • Stephanie D.

      Yeah looks fun

  • Robert P.

    Already on it. For sale in Argos but out if stock

  • Charlotte D.

    we need this game for Xmas!! Ask Santa for it :joy: xx

  • Laura B.

    , , Christmas Day game??!!! :relaxed::relaxed: xxx

  • Danielle J.

    Yes! I'm going to get it for Christmas x

  • Collette G.

    Just ordered it from studio xx

  • Clare P.

    this would be funny x

  • Holly B.

    this is what I was on about for Boxing Day!! Be hilarious xx

  • Kelly-marie E.

    watch videos.on u tube on this, I think we need to get it for Xmas day lol

  • Kirsty M.

    for the Xmas list :grimacing:

  • Aimée D.

    Yay!! Let's do that for our Christmas night craic xxx

  • Kelly M.

    we so need this :joy:

  • Claire L.

    We need lol xx

  • Claire R.

    I'll order it now!

  • Kerry H.

    I need this game lol !! Xx

  • Aileen L.

    Looks fab

  • Becky G.

    I'm getting it lol xxx

  • Amy D.

    - these have it in stock but unless you can order spare mouthpieces only the people that play it first will be able to play again otherwise it's gross!! :mask::joy:

    • Amy D.

      oh good thanks Hun! The thought of it was making me feel ill!! Love my friends & family an all that but sharing saliva is a step too far!! :joy:

    • Lorna H.

      Can't you just wash them??

    • Helen E.

      It comes with 5 mouth pieces to start with

    • Helen M.

      Amy - it's suitable for 5 players with 5 separate mouthpieces.

    • Nicky J.

      If they can go through the dishwasher then they'd be sterilised.

    • Amy D.

      Nicky Jayia Ohhh that's a good idea! Actually I have sterilising bags for microwave I use for my baby so could do that! Hadn't even thought of that - thank you! :thumbsup_tone1:

    • Nicky J.

      Thats ok :) it was exactly my 1st thought too lol! Even just putting them in some boiling water for a couple mins would do the trick too.

    • Kelly W.

      Do you all steralise your cutlery which has been in other people's mouths?? Just wash with hot soapy water :)

    • Emma R.

      If ur that set on steralising them use cold water baby steraliseing tablets.. washing them as you would your dishes with soapy water will clean them anyway.

    • Becky C.

      Put in boiling water or use sterilising tablets like you would for dummies etc

    • Melissa J.

      I'm sure u can wash these with hot water and they will be ok to reuse

    • La F.

      These aren't safe for dishwasher you could sterilise them though. X

    • Steven C.

      Amy Davies do you have your own special cutlery in your house, jsr for you? I'm finding it hard to see the difference between cutlery and these mouth pieces..

    • Amy D.

      i don't need it in my house as I'm fine with my children and husband it's sharing extended family and friends saliva I'd be bothered about. Plus it's a little different because unless I use my fork & spoon differently to other people, I don't actually hold them in my mouth for ages whilst dribbling all over them!!

  • Cheryl D.

    Lol...Does look funny xx

  • Katie B.

    what about this lol xx

  • Vicky C.

    we need this for Xmas :smile:

  • Becky G.

    It would be hilarious :joy::joy::joy:

  • Holly B.

    this is what I was on about for Boxing Day!! Be hilarious xx

  • Simon E.

    Seen this. Same as celeb juice x

  • Jodie S.

    this would be great for xmas get together :joy:

    • Elia E.

      Oh this will be brill!!:joy::joy::joy: bagsy not sharing a mouth piece though soz:information_desk_person_tone1:

    • Jamie Q.

      My teeth will pop out :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Jamie Q.

      Now that would be funny

    • Gemma H.

      Duz look a funny game. X

  • Sarah L.

    i want this for xmas lol xx

  • Donna M.

    Thanks mate, think I have just ordered it lol

  • Emma W.

    Me too! It says on the email that it isn't guaranteed tho :rolling_eyes:

  • Kirsty A.

    just bought this :smirk::smirk:

  • Kerrie J.

    :joy::joy: good game for Christmas!

  • Sharee M.

    think Charley would proper love this! :joy::joy:

  • Teresa C.

    Yes I think we need this!!!

  • Emma S.

    Thank you I've ordered it x

  • Amy M.

    this is the game x

  • Michelle W.

    Oh my god will love this, they have something similar on celebrity juice xx ps why do we end up with games that ruin our make up/look awful?!!

  • Carlie M.

    need to get this for Xmas,:joy:.

  • Michelle D.

    this would be hilarious after a few drinks :joy:

    • Christine P.

      Omg this would be class

  • Lisa B.

    we need this for xmas xx

  • Kelly C.

    Thank you x

  • Dawn O.

    - family Christmas game?!

  • Joanne G.

    , Christmas game this year!!

    • Rebecca D.

      Haha amazing!!!

  • Meenakshi P.

    ....this looks good

  • Laura S.

    we should get this for Christmas! Lol

  • Kirstie S.

    xmas night game? :joy::ok_hand_tone2:

  • Lisa M.

    that's could be a shout :joy:

  • Leighanne R.

    need to get this for Shannon :joy: I'll tag u in video of it xx

    • Lorraine R.

      I seen it yesterday and looked up on Amazon and price said £98 that can't be right xx

  • Jenna B.

    Yes!! Already looked into buying it for Christmas xx

  • Caroline P.

    ...new Christmas game?!?

  • Shauna K.

    I need!

  • Helen E.

    they have them here - 28 day wait for delivery though

  • Leanne I.

    , we need this for our Xmas game night :joy::joy:

  • Becci H.

    I want this for Xmas please :laughing:

    • Becci H.

      It looks hilarious :joy:

  • Tracy M.

    Xmas game :joy::joy::joy:

    • Kimberley J.


    • Tracy M.

      On it :joy: x

  • Tracy F.

    , . If this is still available when I have money next week - I'm getting it! x

  • Lou J.

    we need this game to play :joy::joy:

    • Sashamai W.

      This looks so good!!xxxxxx

  • Hannah M.

    we need this for Christmas Day would be so joke :joy:

    • Eleanor M.

      What actually is it??

    • Eleanor M.

      I wanna play it now :joy:

  • Laura S.

    and next game night lol!!

    • Aimee S.

      lol that looks brilliant x

    • Christopher S.

      Well up for that

  • Kath W.

    game for Christmas X

  • Laura W.

    this is one for Xmas lol

  • Gillian J.

    Seen it shared a video yesterday xx

  • Christine R.

    Thanks just ordered one x

  • Lu R.

    one for Xmas :joy::joy::joy:

  • Sharon S.

    Aww that good :) xx

  • Hayley S.

    this Xmas game! :christmas_tree:

  • Catherine L.

    Yip looks like a fun game!

  • Cassie B.

    I'm on to it! X

  • Ashton M.

    We should get this lol X

  • Cheryl D.

    this would be so funny x

    • Catherine C.

      I was watching a video yesterday!! Looks hilarious!!! Xxx

    • Jon M.

      I liked this yesterday, it look hilarious

    • Catherine C.

      Ill order it!! Xxxx

    • Cheryl D.

      Ha ha it's gonna be a right laugh xx

  • Carrie P.

    search this game on you tube and watch the videos. I've ordered it for Xmas....

  • Lynne G.

    Got our family Xmas game sorted!!

    • Marie K.

      :joy::joy: do you get bibs with it? Lol

    • Lynne G.

      I've just sat and howled for 10 mins watching the videos :joy::joy:

  • Danielle N.

    Imagine playing this lol x

    • Sammy W.

      Errrrrr no ano hahHhH but would be funny would jst have to wash the guards lol xx

  • Helen K.

    game for new years eve xxx

  • Emily D.


  • Amanda B.

    Been everywhere for this today!! Sold out

    • Nicky B.

      They had them in Argos earlier this week

    • Nicky B.

      I was gonna order one but didn't think would b that popular

    • Amanda B.

      completely sold out everywhere. They had it earlier this week when I checked as well. I've been to 2 smyths toys sold out!!!

    • Nicky B.

      Oh no looked fun. Has it been on tv during the week. Y so popular

  • Rach M.

    Brilliant :grinning::grinning: going have to get it thanks hun xx

  • Kate H.

    Think I got one!! Thanks! :grin:

  • Corinne H.

    I want it haha xx

  • Claire S.

    boxing day game? Haha

  • Liz D.

    Just popped up on my news feed, I'm tempted get it too lol xx

  • Seana K.

    Need it x

  • Laura H.

    Haha :joy::joy::joy:I'm up for that X

  • Genny D.

    we need get this for Christmas night :joy::joy::joy:

  • Fiona J.

    we need to get this game for Christmas! x

    • Ruth H.

      I've been looking everywhere for it - sold out!! Will keep trying though!

  • Emily D.


  • Tania B.

    Just ordered mine!! Love this game!!!

  • Charli K.

    Thanks love xx

  • Lea W.

    i have just ordered this for xmas. It looks like everywhere else is out of stock already!

    • Lea W.

      Order it through the link on here. I think there will be a delay in receiving it as says posted within 28 days, but no rush as it'll be for xmas. You may not want to share as you only get a few mouth pieces i think?x

    • Rebekah W.

      Good thinking! I'll order one for us!

  • Orli C.

    I want to play this

  • Sarah R.

    I want it so bad but it's a fortune :joy: xxx

  • Liz D.

    Good idea I like it! Can't help but think of the dribble though :joy::joy: xx

  • Mike R.

    What is it exactly?

  • Alex K.

    this would be hilarious!! X x

  • Jenny C.

    Its made for 16yrs + tho

  • Nikki R.

    this could be fun!!!

    • Emily D.

      Looks hilarious! I haven't bought it for the boys but wish I had now :)

  • Lisa N.

    we need to get this for Christmas day xx

    • Catherine K.

      Looks hilarious xx

  • Emily V.

    I don't get the game what is it??!

  • Louise N.

    We need this in our lives lol xx

  • Kelly N.

    now this would be hilarious :joy:

  • Sarah M.

    We have to get this :joy::joy::joy:

  • Elizabeth C.

    your new game for Xmas LOL

  • Laura M.

    I'm 100% buying this

  • John A.

    this could be a laugh on new year :p

  • Emma M.

    :joy_cat:this could be a good one too!! Xxx

  • Becky B.

    has just preordered it somewhere :see_no_evil: xxx

  • Karen L.

    I just ordered this too :joy::joy:

  • Louise T.

    Ha!! You are brilliant!! I have just ordered it! Thank you!!!!!!

  • Shalane E.

    Omg !!!

  • Holli S.

    It will be hilarious for the Christmas table!! X

  • Lorna M.

    the boys will love this for Xmas!

    • Theresa C.

      I saw it the other day looks funny x

  • Sukhy S.

    Iv seen it its so funny was watchin a clip of sum people playin it its bare jowks

  • Claire R.

    Got it :)

  • Angela N.

    Lol I have already been trying to get this as its out of stock everywhere x

  • Sarah F.

    this looks good for us :grin:

  • Samantha A.

    :joy::joy: would be fun would'nt it lol xx

  • Angela N.

    Lol I have been trying to order this everywhere and it's been out of stock x

  • Jo S.

    this one looks funny x

  • Siona P.

    I want it

  • Emma M.

    :joy::joy: we need this lol

    • Kiara D.

      Lol :joy:

    • Linzi B.

      I've just ordered this for Xmas!! X

    • Emma M.

      Im definately gettin it :joy::joy::joy:

    • Linzi B.

      It'll be a hilarious game to play on Xmas night(we always do board games etc). We were lucky to get pie face last year, had to drive to Kilmarnock for it!(just under a 1hr drive!!). X:joy::joy:

  • Natalie W.

    We have ours!!! Xxx

  • Jennifer R.

    How do you sterilise the cheek retractors???? :thinking::thinking:

  • Joanne M.

    Smyths have this and 20%off tomorrow lol x

  • Charlotte R.

    Omg I can not wait for this!

  • Danny G.

    yh looks fun x

  • Jessica S.


  • Susan A.

    Ordered it

  • Lynsey R.

    Yes!!! :ok_hand_tone1::ok_hand_tone1:

  • Ashlea M.

    We're so getting this for Christmas!!! Xx

  • Jay-lee M.

    we need this for a girly night :joy:

  • Clare R.

    Brill thanku :joy::joy::two_hearts::two_hearts: xx

  • Michelle B.

    what about this for Christmas day?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:xx

    • Jan G.

      I'm game xx

  • Laura W.

    Thanks xx

  • Kirsty H.

    , we need this at Christmas!! Xx

  • Sheryl C.

    I was looking at this yesterday, looks hilarious! Amazon was 2 months for delivery though

  • Sheena M.

    Got it

  • Katie S.

    Just to let you know I ordered mine this morning with them and they said it could take over 4 weeks.

  • Gina P.

    On my Xmas list already mate xx

  • Sarah R.

    Am getting it lol xxx

  • Amanda L.

    Lol. Cool!!

  • Rhona S.

    Does it come with adult sized bibs?? :zipper_mouth:

  • Michelle S.

    we need this for Christmas day!!!!

    • Natalie F.

      Defo need this !!

  • Sarah B.

    We've already been looking for this in places!! Xx

  • Kayleigh N.

    I've been looking at this. Think it's best for adults as I've seen some of the examples online :grin::grin:

  • Claire S.

    we need this :joy::joy::joy:

  • Louise K.

    we need this for Christmas!!!!

  • Charlie S.

    Christmas!! Z

  • Paula F.

    Loads of fun with it. A long wait xx

  • Emma C.

    Christmas game ???

    • Daniel C.

      Definitely b sum laugh

  • Gemma W.

    Boom!! Can't wait eeekkk. Xx

  • Kathryn R.

    Xmas day game?? :joy::joy:

  • Joanna B.

    Looks a cracker!!!

  • Jodie H.

    we need to get this ! Xx

  • Charlotte K.

    it's only £19.99 here! xxx

    • Beth B.

      Thanks!!! Xxx

  • Claire H.

    we need to get this xx

  • Richie M.

    It's sold out every where !!!

  • Jaimee R.

    Christmas Day game hehe xx

  • Ashlea G.

    Defo need this for christmas loool xx

  • Laura H.

    I love it :joy: xx

  • Stacey G.

    Omg I want that game pmsl xxxx

  • Mick W.

    We gotta get this. X

  • Sarah M.

    I've ordered one for Xmas .... will be a right giggle xxx

  • Katy P.

    Found our xmas game for this year!! !!

    • Kiri F.

      haha i saw this yesterday.. looks hilarious x

  • Mark S.

    Kitchen roll and bibs at the ready... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Joanna S.

    Found it ordered before it sells out :grinning:

  • Gema H.

    looks funny x

  • Rachel C.

    Christmas party game?!!

  • Chandel D.

    I've just ordered x

    • Laura H.

      I have this arrived today :joy::joy: xx

  • Stephanie D.

    Be a funny wee game lol xxxxxxx

  • Stuart P.

    Aye were gettin that like looks a great laugh eh xc

  • Raymond K.

    i just ordered one xx

    • Raymond K.

      They send it then u pay xx

  • Donna T.

    we need this:joy::joy::joy:

    • Maria T.

      This would be funny lol xxx

  • Danielle E.

    this should be fun for Boxing Day xxx

    • Courtney B.

      Yeahh haha! Were going to get it!

  • Katie H.

    Yes!! We need this

  • Sally K.

    You won't get it sweet. Sold out everywhere xxx

  • Jenna S.

    Aww wow I need it x

  • Kirsty S.

    Thanks mate :)

  • Lauren K.

    this looks well good

  • Justine G.

    I need this game for Xmas :joy:

    • Joanne G.

      What the hell is it??? Looks stupid!!!! Convince me it's worth it :smirk: x

  • Victoria B.

    lets get this for Xmas :joy::joy: xx

  • Lou B.

    Lmao!!! Love it! I might give it a go!! Lmao!!xx

  • Mahala T.

    - get it for Christmas x

  • Moyra R.

    Aww I seen a video for that earlier :joy::joy:

  • Erin D.

    I want it for xmas, but it's sold out everywhere

  • Moyra R.

    Aww I'm sure they will more in time for xmas :sweat_smile:

  • Amanda W.

    Xmas day game!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Pauline G.

      I've ordered mine 28 day delivery !! Xx

    • Amanda W.

      yesssss!!! Woop woop

    • Pauline G.

      I ordered pie face too :joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Pauline G.

      what about cotton wool lol Xx

  • Melanie A.

    :joy: it looks great! Xx

  • Heather A.

    Aww class!! :ok_hand::joy: I cudnt find it last nite when i looked!

  • Kim F.

    Already ordered it! Lol

  • Vicky C.

    we should get this for Xmas.

  • David L.

    Yes we need this x

  • Jennifer L.

    lets get this for Xmas

  • Hayley T.

    Think I'm gonna have to buy it before they all go :open_mouth: of course we will have to trail it before Christmas :grin::grin:

  • Lucy J.

    yeah you can get the mouth pieces on Amazon as well so could buy a few! X

  • Stacey E.

    this would be hilarious for the weekend!

  • Lisa C.

    yes, got it! :thumbsup::laughing:

  • Lauren A.

    This would be so fun :weary::joy:

  • Lucy C.

    one for xmas day??

    • Ashley O.

      Definitely! Saw the video the other day, hilarious!

    • Lucy C.

      be a good laugh esp if we can get the kids to do it :joy::joy:

  • Hayley L.

    perfectttt X X

  • Rebecca P.

    This looks really good! We should definitely get it for Christmas! :joy::joy::joy: x

  • Jamie-lee P.

    Ha ha I bought it the other day.. can't wait to play it x

  • Cheryl C.

    We need one haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emily P.


  • Chris K.


  • Roseann W.

    I know. I'm going to get it from Argos! So funny!!!xxx

  • Angie M.

    Woohoo that's mines ordered!! Xx

  • Mel B.

    this years pie face!!

  • Alice S.

    they have some in stock!!!

    • Gemma D.

      Thank you hun . . . just ordered :-) xxxxx

  • Emily C.

    - we should get this!!

  • Julie R.

    Whoop whoop!! Cheers love. Ordered it!!

  • Gayle M.

    this would be so funny :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Deborah J.

    I'm so excited. Cheers. Lol. X

  • Emma B.

    i want this :joy::joy:

  • Emma H.

    get this in for Xmas xx

  • Helen J.

    Have ordered lol

  • Brian I.

    Ours is ordered with 5 extra spare mouthpieces !!!!!

  • Chloé L.

    we need this for all our get togethers over christmas :joy::joy::joy:

  • Natalie A.

    I've just ordered one!!

    • Kate K.

      I have tried but it didn't ask for payment details and wanted me to set up an account? Is that right?

    • Natalie A.

      Yes I ordered and set up account they then send you a bill which needs to be paid within 14 days unless you apply for the extended credit x

    • Kate K.

      Ooooo fingers crossed this will actually happen!!!

  • Nicola A.

    it needs to be done lol x

    • Gary D.

      When you put it in your mouth your need safety roping off in case someone gets sucked in :joy:

  • Rhona S.

    Just watched that video - don't think I could cope with looking at people's teeth & gums:joy::joy:

  • Krista D.

    It's not in stock :( x

  • Ria S.

    This would be so funny but it's really expensive!

  • Sarra R.

    Argos sold out everywhere already x

  • Kirsty P.

    seen you were interested in this game they have it in stock here but think you have to set up an account only down fall but it's not over priced like elsewhere? X

  • Chris D.

    Looks like fun.

  • Amyy A.

    we so need to get this for Xmas

    • Chris P.

      It would be cool

  • Alexis M.

    need to get this one for Xmas :joy:

  • Emma T.

    our Christmas game this year xx

  • Danielle S.

    Better hurry need to click on link

  • Emily C.

    Friday nights may not be the same again!!!

  • Grace D.

    I've ordered one for Xmas 28 days for delivery though xx

  • Karen M.

    You can purchase without setting up an account.

  • Michelle S.

    it's still in stock!

    • Danielle W.

      I bought one too :joy::joy:

  • Samantha H.

    we need this game :thumbsup_tone1::tada:

    • Loretta H.

      Haha love it xx

  • Pamela D.

    Wee need this :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Nicola G.

    I'm going to get for Boxing Day xxx

    • Mark L.

      will have a heart attack sharing a mouthpiece. Lol

  • Natasha W.

    We are Deffo making our own..:blush::blush::blush:

  • Kerry-Anne M.

    haha brilliant

  • Nikola P.

    we need this game :joy:

  • Deby S.

    Thanks ! I bought it! :grimacing:

  • Anna W.

    christmas day game sorted

  • Becky L.

    we need this game for Christmas Day :joy:

  • Alan B.

    I've placed a order

  • Lorna M.

    , , I managed to get one, adds 5 pound delivery xx

  • Lorna M.

    thank you doll, got it xxx

  • Seodhna B.

    I'm having games night tonight with the girls. Don't know who's more excited lol. Xxx

  • Kimberley O.

    guess what we are playing tonight :joy::joy:

  • Laura E.

    this is a lot cheaper than £60!!!!

  • Stella H.

    all done x

  • Hayley P.

    We need this:joy: xx

  • Katrina F.

    Yippee x

  • Rochelle L.

    new Christmas game lol

  • Erika S.

    I'm going to get this!!! X

  • Samantha S.

    these are in stock here xx

    • Nicky C.

      I'd want loads of mouth pieces though !! U couldn't share them !! :mask: !! Xx

  • Kelly M.

    we need this :joy::joy:xxx

    • Lisa C.

      Let's get it!!!! :joy::joy: xxx

  • Vicki L.

    sold out everywhere!!

  • Ema S.

    I've just checked said stock so hopefully by the time u look will still be in xx

  • Selina J.

    good drinking game for us lol xxx

  • Abbi W.

    Yes deffo up for that!! Will be so funny! Xx

  • Tracey-louise W.

    I've ordered it!

  • Lizzie F.

    we need this for Xmas

  • Holly P.

    I've got one on order!! :laughing:

    • Laura L.

      Nice one!

  • Laura P.

    Yes yes yes xx

  • Roisin P.

    we need to get this :joy:

  • Matthew D.


  • Aneliese M.

    we need this for over Xmas x

    • Aneliese M.

      it's in studio catalogue just seen it x

  • Karla R.

    Need to get this for Christmas

  • Kerri B.

    getting this for xmas x

    • Kerri B.

      U need to watch the video for it:joy::joy:

  • Carolina W.

    We so need this game!!!

    • Mattman F.

      What is it lol

  • Natalie S.

    lets get this for Christmas Day lol xxx

  • Amanda M.

    It's all out of stock just now argos/smiths booooo

  • Kandy M.

    mite b fun for new year lol

  • Ashleigh O.

    FOUND IT! I'll order it tonight!

  • Lynsey N.

    we need this for Christmas Day :joy::joy: x

  • Sarah S.

    this years Christmas game ?!?!?!? :joy:

  • Charlotte P.

    see everyone wants it now!!

  • Nicola B.

    we should get this game :joy: looks funny!

  • Danni W.

    We need this :joy::joy:

  • Angela C.

    New boxing day game lol

  • Deb B.

    need this for Xmas games?! :joy: x

  • Faye W.

    if there's only one gift to get for Xmas...make it this one :joy:

  • Hayley T.

    I've bought it :thumbsup_tone1::grin:

  • Dawn G.

    go to toys r us, I got one this afternoon!

  • Kellie T.

    sum crack at Christmas this year :santa:

  • Lisa E.

    I've ordered this already for Christmas xx

  • Jenna N.

    I want to get pie face too :joy::joy:

  • Jamie G.

    I really want this.

  • Nikki G.

    YES I saw a video of it online and pmsl

  • Denise M.

    We totally need this !

  • Becky F.


  • Leila K.

    i wnt this for xmas lol xx

  • Annie F.

    This wud be a laugh at crimbo

  • Dawn A.

    Haha brilliant :joy::joy:

  • Katie J.

    Omg howlin

  • Julie D.

    That is class!

  • Nicola L.

    this could b another xmas game!!xx

    • Gillian M.

      Yip I saw it the other day. Slabber tastic tho :mask:

  • Leigh L.

    this'll be a good one x

  • Christian F.

    Ordered :joy::joy:

  • Sarah G.

    So funny!! Xx

  • Carla L.

    Get on the hunt lol xxx

  • Emma S.

    !!! In stock at 19.99 x

    • Tammy W.

      Done! Cheers ma dear x

    • Tammy W.

      It's studio so I've set up an account and it says I've placed my order, I have a number. It says allow 28 days for delivery though, don't studio just send you out a bill like a catalogue sort of thing?? X

    • Tammy W.

      We shall see, i have an order number so fingers crossed. X

  • Beci T.

    need this for new year xxx

    • Viki W.

      Love it X

  • Maz C.

    Yes :)

  • Billy-Tammy N.

    Haha i need this :joy::joy::joy: x

  • Courtney B.

    YES!!!!! This needs to happen

  • Jodie K.

    Defo on the Christmas list xx

  • Vicki A.

    can I have one plllllleeeaaassseee

  • Dean L.

    Looks mint

  • Nicola S.

    We need it!!!!

  • Nicola S.

    We need it!!!!

  • Lisa D.

    I ordered it this morning :joy:

  • Natalie H.


  • Kath R.

    I'm desperately trying to get one for when we go away with friends but everywhere is sold out :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xx

  • Dawnne G.

    how funny would this be :joy::joy:

    • Gavin M.

      What's the object of the game?lol

    • Dawnne G.

      think you have to name stuff on the cards whilst having this guard in your mouth :joy::joy:

  • Zoe S.

    Definitely going to have to buy this just seen on argos it's the same price!

  • Carol-Ann D.

    no luck smyths and argos sold out......

  • Faye P.

    this looks like our sort of game x

  • Kristie M.

    Darn it's out of stock. Lol

  • Vicci L.

    ! New game for Boxing Day!

  • Kelly L.

    I want this for Xmas parties but gonna need to have my own mouth piece!! No way am I sharing!!!

    • Zoe K.

      Haha I saw that yesterday and thought this is a must have !!!!!!

    • Elaine T.

      You can buy spare mouth pieces from Amazon

  • Emma F.

    I need a bit of fun x

  • Nicole O.

    Yesss. Looks a laugh!!

  • Holly J.

    we need to get this one x

  • Kath R.

    I'm gonna get one of it kills me lol xx

  • Fanny M.

    gutted its sold out everywhere

  • Nickie J.

    Seen this advertised, Baggie going first cause I'm not having everyone's dribble on it lol x

  • Lucy M.

    Says please allow 28 days for delivery :pensive:

  • Jen M.

    Yes!! It's a must!!

  • Kelly D.

    game for this year?? Less mess than pie face!!

  • Maria P.

    Yes !!! xx

  • Kay P.

    Just trying to order one thanks Hun xx

  • Elle L.

    we need to get this would be so funny xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alex H.

    Tried argos n its sold out haha

  • James D.

    Get it!

  • Joanne B.

    - we so need to get this for Christmas Day!!

  • Donna B.

    Went to smyths all sold out at all stores although showing on web site :rolling_eyes:

  • Victoria P.

    I've just ordered one from here!! Xx

    • Lauren D.

      It didn't ask me to pay ?? :joy:x

    • Victoria P.

      me neither you pay after it comes within 14 days :joy: well I bloody hope so! X

    • Lauren D.

      Says it can take up to 28 days in excited :clap_tone3::joy:x

    • Victoria P.

      Going to be brilliant, better come :joy: X

  • Angela L.

    Looks hilarious doesn't it x

  • Sharon M.

    There you go Christmas sorted!! :wink::astonished: lol xxx

  • Nicola S.

    Got it! It's hilarious

  • Jenni H.

    I'm not joking it's already on the list - watch the YouTube clip as it looks hilarious! :joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Claire J.

    Gonna get spare mouth pieces but sure a good wash after use would suffice lol X

  • Hanna W.

    This definitely looks like a centre parcs kind of game

    • Natalie T.

      oh yes this will be fun :joy:

  • Helen J.

    sterilising tablets. Or I might colour code mine lol

  • Jemma A.

    Get this for Xmas lmao xx

  • Claire J.

    Do they just send a bill lol I didn't even pay it just ordered it

  • Tasha L.

    Oooooh yesssss! :joy::joy:

  • Helen M.

    can u imagine how much fun this would be beats a game of cards ;-)

  • Gem W.

    this looks a fun game for Christmas!!

  • Terri B.

    I want this we should do it on Xmas day :joy: be a right laugh xx

  • Mags W.

    Love it xx

  • Hannah I.

    :joy: love it thank you xx

  • Caroline E.

    we need this for Christmas Day! :joy:

  • Emma F.

    So wanna get this!!! X

  • Givy A.

    They have it in toys r us for £19.99, just seen it in store

  • Louise M.

    I'm getting this for center parcs x

  • Sarah M.

    think we need this game for our Xmas do this year!

    • Lucy T.

      Yes def!! Looks like it's gonna be hard to get hold of tho! X

  • Victoria M.

    Haha. This would be so funny xx

  • Mathew S.

    I'll be honest I'll probably order it ha

  • Barry M.

    Guess this means we have to start Xmas shopping!

  • Donna R.

    I posted a video of this yesterday, looks so funny!:joy:

  • Pamela A.

    I got it from studio online, but it says to allow up to 28 days for delivery x

  • Emily M.

    They've got it in at toys r us :wink:xxx

  • Andrea D.


  • Leeanne T.

    this is one for us lot at Xmas

  • Fiona S.

    Brill must get it x

  • Vic H.

    1 word ... saliva :scream::joy:

  • Lisa A.

    this looks funny...bit like the game in celebrity juice last night :smile:

  • Lisa D.

    I ordered it from studio/ace catalogue online. Others I know pre ordered from Smyths xx

  • Tamara K.

    Haha I want this! Seems to be quite hard to get already xx

  • Amy P.

    Thank you! Definitely need this for Christmas :) xx

  • Michelle B.

    I'm already trying to get it.looks so much fun xx

  • Michelle B.

    Lol xx I want it so much xx

  • Sarah S.

    Oooohhh this has our names all over it!!!

  • Lm M.

    we need to get this

  • Julie-Anne D.

    this looks great fun. Look at the video on YouTube, hilarious!

    • Hannah R.

      I've seen some videos it looks so funny :thumbsup: I'll get it for class xx

    • Hannah R.


  • Mia L.

    a few vinos and this on the table xmas morning :blush::blush::blush::grinning::grinning::grinning:

  • Tamara K.

    Had people on the phone all day asking if we're getting it in, it's like this yard pie face xx

  • Gemma G.

    Think you put the thing in your mouth to talk/answer. Looks similar idea to don't show Keith Ye teeth x

  • Kenny S.

    Wicked!!!! gunna get it.

  • Emma H.

    Love it :) x

  • Chevaunee B.

    this is the new Christmas game we need

  • Joanna B.

    We got it in toysrus for Christmas day

  • Audrey S.

    You better believe I have just ordered one can't wait

  • Lora H.

    Yessss! Need it+

  • Helen G.

    we need this for Christmas xx

    • Jessica R.

      We will investigate! Love a good Christmas game! Xx

  • Cathy D.

    Def have 2 get this b some craic with a few drinks

  • Lynsey J.

    I'll buy this one!

  • Becky C.

    This looks so good!! One for Christmas eve

  • Stacey S.

    28 days for delivery!

  • Andi W.

    We need it now! Am bored haha xxx

  • Elaine K.

    I've just ordered it... £20 xx

  • Aislinn S.

    - this years Christmas game!

  • Catherine E.

    Shall I order for xmss x

  • Georgina L.

    boxing day hit I think

  • Tara B.

    we need to get this :joy:

  • Nasima S.

    we need this game for Xmas

    • Laura Y.

      Better order it now before it sells out:joy::joy:

  • Nicola M.

    - after dinner game for Christmas this year :laughing:

    • Joanna B.

      We looked at buying this today :smiley: sold out in Argos & going for ridiculous £££ on Amazon & EBay!!

    • Nicola M.

      Well, hopefully studio still have it lol x

  • Joanna G.

    We must try this :joy::joy::joy:

  • Kirsty R.

    That's alright better than 50 xx

  • Emma G.

    I'll try and get lol

  • Dawn B.

    Ive literally just ordered it lol need to get a game asap :joy::joy:

  • Lesley L.

    Got to get it. See if we can get extra mouth pieces too xx

  • Chloe C.

    this game for Christmas maybe? Would be hilarious! XxX

  • Ruth C.

    I'm buying this for crimbo!!!

  • Jill M.

    I'm getting it too lol

  • Holly W.


  • Michael S.

    I'd seen this the other day looks like a right laugh xx

  • Karl G.

    They had this on celebrity juice last night

  • Claire C.

    It's toooooo funny !!!

  • Chris B.

    We need to get it

  • Anita S.

    I want this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shelley S.

    Not sure if I'm being a bit thick but do you pay for it when you receive it?xx

  • Nicola L.

    I've got it now thank you x

  • Ally J.

    Xmas night I was thinking!? See if we can get hold of it now. Ridiculous prices on eBay

  • Brier J.

    I've got to get it! It looks hilarious! :joy:

  • Mark A.

    Need extra mouth pieces also

  • Pamela C.

    Need to get this :blush::blush::blush:

  • Laura C.

    This look hillarious lol!

  • Katie L.

    Christmas game? :joy:

  • Becci �.


  • Lisa D.

    I seen this advertied

  • Sarah H.

    here is where to buy it xx

  • Victoria D.

    Yayyy its £49 on amazon x

  • Katie P.

    this would be funny for Xmas lol xx

  • Michelle W.

    So we'll be playing pie face again yeah?

  • Rhian S.

    It's only £20!

  • Alex B.

    a good one for Xmas. Xxx

  • Carissa G.

    want it x

  • Fanny M.

    Can't wait to play it

  • Kate O.

    I've just ordered :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Leeza J.

    Need this for the next party . xxx

    • Laura H.

      Hahaha, seen it yesterday very funny.

  • Beth S.

    I'm getting this for us

  • Kirstin P.

    My god it's sold out already!!!

  • Lynsey J.

    I think it's possibly a little gross!!

  • Katie F.


  • Rebecca P.

    Omg we need this :joy:

  • Chris S.

    Get it, I looked on eBay last night n they're going for £40-£50-£60 x

  • Michelle P.

    Thank u x

  • Lisa H.

    this is on eBay for order at the mo for £26 most places I've looked are charging at least £50. Just bought mine lol xx

  • Louise S.

    They're in Argos . Already checked. Looks hilarious :joy:

    • Louise S.

      Well they're now out of stock. Wish I got one when I saw it. But they'll have new stock I'm sure. There £20. Xx

  • Kay M.

    - we need this :joy::joy:

  • Michelle B.

    Hahaha oh god! How Funny!! X

  • Chloe L.

    Can't wait for this!

  • Kate C.

    Not that expensive on there. I had a look on amazon and it was £70!

  • Lindsay F.


  • Stacey C.

    I've just ordered mine from argos to pick up Monday x

  • Charlotte O.

    we gotta get this xxxx

  • Sian H.

    Sold out already apparently x

  • Emma R.

    we have to try this!!

    • Charlotte B.


  • Lucie C.

    Iv ordered mine already :joy:

  • Michelle P.

    !!! We must get this

    • Paula F.

      This is what I said ages ago but apparently everywhere has sold out x

  • Daniel M.


  • Naomi S.

    Sold out in Argos! :laughing: xx

  • Elaine C.

    Amazon got it at same price

  • Phyllida W.

    Looks good xx

  • Catherine O.

    Bought it!!!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

  • Samantha W.

    we Have to get this for Christmas :joy::joy::joy:!!!xxx

  • Stacey H.

    Looks funny :joy: x

  • Shani P.

    we'll get this for Xmas! Xx

    • Shani P.

      Not yet....but will def get one soon! I missed out on pie face last year....this looks even better! I've used this company before though, years ago. Didn't have any problems, and I think you can pay upfront so it's not like a catalogue account xx

    • Katie H.

      Out of stock at the moment think it doesn't come on sale till October xx

  • Tony A.

    We need it x

  • Tricia C.

    I had a look and its available to buy xx

  • Alex C.

    We should get this for Xmas xx

  • Stacey H.

    Looks really good :grinning: x

  • Sarah G.

    we need this for pre Christmas xx

  • Emma B.

    Ordered it cheers Hun x

  • Naomi M.

    we need this and wine xx

  • Stacey L.

    this is the game we wanted!!

    • Melissa L.

      Let's get it for Christmas!

  • Karen B.

    , we need to get this xxx

  • Matt K.

    Need to order this ASAP X

  • Kirstie B.

    New one for Christmas

    • Natalie B.

      Looks painful :flushed:

    • Shaun B.

      I'm think Lemon does something like this but with eating??

  • Shelley H.

    Out of stock- but I'm making my own version!!!! Funnier phrases lol x

  • Glenda M.

    we gotta order ths x

  • Simone B.

    found it just ordered one :grimacing:

  • Jeni C.

    Christmas fun activity to have??

    • Vicky C.

      Ohhh I've seen this, looks so much fun!!!

  • Rachael M.

    You can get it from the studio catalogue! There the only place left the now I think lol

  • Erica S.

    need to get this for Christmas!!!!!

  • Rachael M.

    What a buzz this game would be btw!!

  • Lynne B.

    we need this game in our lives! :laughing:

  • Danielle C.

    we need this for xmas

    • Sharon C.

      Been searching. It's sold out everywhere. Unless you want to pay £50+ xx

  • Kim F.

    We must get it xx

  • Alisha C.

    I was showing the girls this it looks hilarious x

  • Leanne F.

    Don't show Keith your teeth :joy:

  • Lisa H.

    thats it! We need this for Xmas??x

  • Clare H.

    this looks fab for Christmas night xx

  • Nicola T.

    One for children (pie face) adult game and a few drinks for the evening lol x

  • Louise G.

    It would be quite fun, say on Christmas eve. We could start a new tradition!

  • Bethany H.

    we should get this for Christmas Day

  • Nicky N.

    A game for Christmas lol

  • Lisa N.

    Ugh think of the germs :joy::joy::joy::disappointed_relieved::see_no_evil:

  • Ruth J.

    bit of a bargain to be had x

  • Jady C.

    we need this in our life x

  • Danielle C.

    Thank u hun x

  • Fern C.

    we have to get this

  • Erica R.

    we need this :joy::joy::joy:

  • Kate S.

    This looks epic

  • Lauren T.

    Harry would love this! £60+ everywhere else :open_mouth:

    • Caroline W.

      It's sold out everywhere la,x

  • Catherine S.

    Kerr we need this for Christmas this year!! X

  • Danielle D.

    this is what we need for our fam parties xx

  • Helen W.

    new one for Christmas X

  • Kelly M.

    Want! Xx

  • Vikii C.


  • Catherine B.

    Getting this for Christmas

  • Gemma H.

    Omg this looks so funny have u watched the video x

  • Andrea M.

    I need this game now haha x

  • Jenny W.

    yeah I've ordered one :joy:

  • Jackie H.

    Might try get lol x

  • Kelly O.

    There's a video looks so funny

  • Michelle B.

    This would cheer up christmas :joy:

  • Carla O.

    Brilliant x

  • Mike R.

    You seen the clips of it? Looks ace!

  • Laura W.

    yeah! We definitely should get it!! Xxx

  • Julie N.

    it would appear everyone will want this game for Christmas you better get one soon :grin:

    • Aimee N.

      I will stay awake until my wages go in on thursday morning and order it immediately! So excited about it already haha x

  • Rachel P.

    You are an absolute star :star2::star2::star2: I will never ever swear at u whilst doing a sprint again :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: xxx

  • Eunice M.

    Ordered x

  • Anna-Louise T.

    Thank you my lovely . Ordered x

  • Carrianne H.

    Awesome x

  • Charlotte R.

    Just had a look and its out of stock x

  • Joanne M.

    I think this can replace don't show Keith your teeth! Looks so funny x

    • Craig S.

      I'm in

  • Deborah S.

    This is it but sold out most places

  • Jamie P.

    We need to get this :joy:

  • Vicky T.

    we need this :joy::joy::joy:

    • Vicky T.

      I think it's hilarious :joy::joy:

    • Amy M.

      They were playing it last night on celeb juice haha xx

  • Louise H.

    i need this game!!! :flushed::flushed:

  • Gemma T.

    I know this one!! :joy:

  • Suzie W.

    This is what I was looking for earlier :joy: could you imagine :joy:

  • Joanna C.

    We need this for Xmas games

    • Nicki J.

      Ha ha I need this in my games cupboard :joy::joy:

  • Lucy T.

    Boxing day game :joy:

  • Melissa J.

    we need to get this!!!

  • Danielle K.

    I've seen the videos for this! Looks well funny :joy::joy:

  • Katie H.

    I want it, Iv asked for it off Santa haha

  • Mark D.

    Can't wait to play this :joy:

  • Louise F.

    This looks so funny! Definitely getting it ordered xx

  • Jade W.

    Yeah i want this game!! Looks ace :joy::joy::joy:

  • Deborah J.

    Boxing Day fun!!!! X

  • Jessica A.

    next year's Christmas game :grinning:

  • Stacey P.

    Ordered :thumbsup_tone1: ta x

  • Catherine O.

    Happy days! Have it ordered waiting on confirmation email :thumbsup:

  • Michael B.

    I'm im

  • Brenda R.

    oh this will be hilarious ...:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Helen O.

    Ahhh Thankyou fingers crossed it comes xx

  • Vikki E.

    Ahhh I want it!!

  • Susan W.

    £50 on Amazon

  • Danielle M.

    ordered this for the annual Xmas game :joy::joy:

  • Angela N.

    We have to have a go at this game !! :laughing: x

    • Graham C.

      Iv seen it. Looks ace

  • Fiona W.

    Cool. Thanks. Xx

  • Kaimi F.

    we need this for Christmas haha x

  • Tor F.

    , , this looks good for Christmas get together :joy:

  • Suzanne F.

    Brilliant!! We have to try this :sweat_smile:

  • Suzanne H.

    I am going to order it !!!

  • Jaclyn C.

    Yep we need this

  • Caroline B.

    Have you seen the videos of it being played? It looks like so much fun.

  • Kristie M.

    I want this for Xmas lol x

  • Joanne T.


  • Gill C.

    I'm expecting this as festive entertainment on Christmas Eve after Pie Face last year!

  • Carmen B.

    Maybe Kmart will do a knock off version like they did with pie face!!

  • Jaclyn C.

    Tempting like tempting

  • Caroline B.

    It'll be hilarious! Vino and that = cracking night I think.

  • Jaclyn C.


  • Claire W.

    Well funny

  • Louise E.

    for Christmas, be hilarious when we get everyone together :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    • Louise E.

      I could just picture you doing it :joy::joy:

  • Conor T.

    I'm in!!

  • Sarah R.

    We're on it!! Xx

  • Kate C.

    I've seen this !! Looks funny ! Always have to have a Christmas game !

  • Jennifer M.

    I want it!!

  • Francesca W.

    this would be funny for sleep over xx

  • Jodie W.

    Boxing Day? :joy:

  • Keri F.

    .... Defo need one of these for Boxing Day!!! Xxx

  • Ashleigh S.

    !!!!!!!!!!!! We need this!!!!

  • Natalie M.

    please we have to get this

  • Kelsey S.

    :joy: this looks too funny xx

  • Lesley L.

    brilliant, order them soon so we get them xx

  • Sophie-Jade C.


  • Kerry B.

    Omg yessssss

  • Amy H.

    Christmas game!!

  • Amanda N.

    Omg yes!!!

  • Emma T.

    I tried to order yesterday!!! No joy!!!

    • Emma T.

      so much fun!!! Want for Xmas!!!!

  • Julie M.

    I know tried getting it in argos etc but its sold out x

  • June B.

    Yes this looks like a scream

  • Rachel S.

    It would be hysterical

  • Heather K.

    i am getting it :joy::joy:

  • Claire D.

    Without a doubt. Can order mouth pieces on line. :joy::joy:

  • Dannii S.

    we need this for xmas day looks hilarious :joy: xx

    • Amy L.

      We need it!!!!! Xxx

    • Dannii S.

      I'l get it ha xx

  • GlennKaty R.

    Thank you hun xx xx xx

  • Tanya W.

    We need this for Christmas

  • Melanie P.

    Got it:grinning:

  • Nannette F.

    Oh a want it lol xx

  • Kerry N.

    it's our xmas night game!

  • Michaela K.

    Let's get it lol xxx

  • Faye B.

    & your Christmas's have come early :hear_no_evil: xx

    • Claire R.

      My only concern is do you get your own personal mouth piece don't want to share mine :mask::joy::see_no_evil: xx

  • Katie W.

    I'm so excited omg

  • Helen P.

    new years eve this yer??

  • Rebecca H.

    Thanks hun! Made my own now for £2! Lol x

  • Katherine S.

    Awesome that's cheap as chips :) x

  • Rebecca H.

    I just got dentist mouth pieces, egg timer and a random word generator app on my phone lol x

  • Tanya M.


  • Tash S.

    There is an error when I try to buy it godammit lol xxx

  • Teleisha C.

    Yesssssss thank you!!!

  • Kelly H.

    Was gonna try get as a surprise for Christmas, but now it's hit Facebook everyone's seen it and it will harder to get :see_no_evil: Damn u social media :smirk: lol. :wink: x

  • Gemma W.

    this would be fun xxx

  • Natalie

    I'm asking santy

  • Natalie

    I'm looking for spare mouth pieces too :joy::joy:

  • Fran R.

    £59:99 on Amazon! Xxx

  • Natalie D.

    Can't wait to play it! X

  • Sarah E.

    I want this too x

  • Stacie S.

    i tried to buy it last night for next weekend but it said 28 days for delivery :rage: xz

  • Linda N.

    Oh and u can buy extra mouth pieces!x

  • Ione T.

    ah good! I did think that was a little gross!! X

  • Fiona A.

    This will be so funny xxx

  • Jennifer L.

    Xmas day sorted :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    • Matt M.

      Bottle of jaeger required :joy::joy:

  • Mary Q.

    we need this for Christmas

  • Emma B.

    Go on then if it's not too expensive. Looks fun

  • Michael A.

    That would be a laugh:joy::joy::joy:

  • Emma C.

    this is what I'm on about x

  • Gemma K.

    game for this Christmas ?!

  • Charlie S.

    I need it!!!

  • Gemma M.

    Woooo xx

  • Maxine G.

    - it's selling out!!

  • Laura N.

    new game we need this :joy::joy:

  • Linda S.

    Sold out everywhere xx

  • Nina S.

    Xmas time! Shame they are £60 upwards on Amazon! We could look elsewhere xx

  • Catherine M.

    Yeah look and xmas game sorted lol

  • Kai S.

    This would be funny with the boys!! Xx

  • Tiegan P.

    We're gonna have to get this for Christmas :joy:

  • Kim T.

    Thank you! Xx

  • Laura W.

    Looked for this when we first saw it and was sold out everywhere and people bidding £100 on eBay

  • Sarah R.

    I've ordered this from Argos pick up 20th.. Can't be doing with all the messing about and getting ripped off like with pie face last year :joy:xx

  • Samantha F.

    we need this for Christmas xx

  • Lianne W.

    I'm ordering it too! So when you hear hysterical laughter, you know it's arrived!

  • Jay D.

    , we need the for Christmas Day... Forget UNO!! Lol

    • Bo D.

      Omg I was looking at this the other day lol

  • Lianne W.

    Ah brilliant!!

  • Linda S.

    Ordered it :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Leah B.

    Argos sell it :heart_eyes:

  • Vicki G.

    I'd be iffy about using someone else's mouth piece :frowning:

  • Marie S.

    That looks hilarious eh! xx

  • Sarah B.

    just got this for Christmas x

  • Cally-Anne C.

    I'll look at ordering one!!

  • Anna S.

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen the clips of this. Has to be done xxx

  • Lauren J.

    we should get this:joy:

  • Angie S.

    looks like a good Xmas game!!

  • Jenny D.

    this wud be great for Christmas!! X

  • Annaly J.

    Thank you!! I'm defo going to get it. Looks hilarious! .x.

  • Annaly J.

    Just ordered it!! :grin: .x.

  • Danielle D.

    I think this game for Christmas day hahahahahaha! Xx

  • Olivia C.

    We need this for Christmas!!

  • Tanya K.

    Put them in the dishwasher!

    • Kellie R.

      We need to play this game lol

    • Tanya K.

      I looked it up on eBay $100 plus!!

  • Melissa V.

    we need this for Xmas

    • Jane V.

      Yes let's get it somehow! x

  • Tara B.

    , , and we need to get this game for Xmas! Hahaha x

    • Jackie B.

      Haha like we need encouraging to speak out! xXx

    • Tara B.

      have u seen how it's played? So funny X X x

    • Bobby B.

      Deffo do this :heart: x

    • Jackie B.

      Looks hilarious" xXx

  • Shiralee M.

    It would be very fun :heartpulse:

  • Jazmin W.

    Getting it soon I think ready for the partayy

  • Weefi

    I have bought cheek retractors from Amazon and making up my own cards since I can't find the game anywhere ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Emily D.

    Something REALLY fun!!!

  • Ashleigh P.

    this for Xmas night ??

  • Natalie G.

    That's cheapest I've seen xc

  • Lucie P.

    I've got this for new years lol

    • Lindsay W.

      OMG brilliant!!!

    • Lucie P.

      I can't wait lol

    • Lindsay W.

      I can see the dribble now lol

  • Katie J.

    this would be so funny :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Chloé D.

    ... this looks amazing!!

  • Lisa H.

    could have hours of fun with this

  • Kirstie A.

    Cheers luv, this game would be so funny x

  • Hannah E.

    one for Xmas day xx

    • Steph J.

      We sell these at Beales ! Theyve just ordered 100.

  • Suzanne J.

    this will be so much fun xxx

  • Claire M.

    we need to get this. Looks hilarious x

  • Leigh H.

    I'm buying this it looks so funny

  • Nicky B.

    I got mine £19.99 from argos.... Price will rise soon like pie face did so grab it while you can!:grin:

    • Nerys P.

      I can't find an Argos with it in stock :cry:

    • Pamela M.

      Or wait a few weeks and there will be a cheaper version in b&m haha like splat face is to pie face lol

  • Darren B.

    That be funny as haha

  • Emma L.

    we need this for Christmas Day :grinning:

  • Claire S.

    OMG OMG we have to get this to go with pie face :joy::joy: xx

  • Cara C.

    Christmas this year ! X

  • Jade M.

    We need to get it!! It would be so funny!

  • Karen L.

    Love it :see_no_evil::joy::joy:xx

  • Samantha C.

    Already ordered from the states mannnnn!

  • Hollie-Marie R.

    we need this for Xmas games!

  • Samantha A.

    we should get this. Be a right laugh

  • Stevie R.

    I've seen a woman playing this I soo want it hahah x

  • Jessica A.

    haha would be so funny !! Can't even begin to think how funny with alcohol involved x

  • Maria B.

    Its sold out everywhere nightmare

  • Claire N.

    It's hilarious

  • Siobhan L.

    this looks like a game that would go down well at Christmas :joy::joy: xx

  • Sam B.

    We should totally.get it for xmas!

  • Kirsty S.

    We need to get this asap

  • Ffion E.

    Omg!!!! It's a must!! Haha

  • Krystal P.

    Is there going to be a under 16yr old version aswell????

  • Zoe S.

    It will be hilarious xx

  • Catherine D.

    I got mine from the entertainer and got delivered today

  • Joanne H.

    love it is certainly a xmas must have x

  • Sarah J.

    They are selling this for £40 on Amazon :scream:

  • Keeleigh B.

    I really want to try this game!!!

  • Gemma W.

    get get get!! Bargain!

  • Katie W.

    this looks funny!!!!!

  • Sasha W.

    I ordered mine last week:see_no_evil:

  • Rebecca E.

    Thanks xx

  • Stephen W.

    I've ordered one it's coming end of October x

  • Shirley P.

    Thank u :wink:

  • Amanda D.

    this the xmas games this year. Forget pie face :joy::joy:

  • Jasmine M.


  • Julie C.

    try argos?

  • Amy P.

    Wow thats cheap!! :grin: x

  • Kerry-lee H.

    I know! I want! :frowning2::frowning2:

  • Charlotte S.

    Didn't realise they had it in Argos but it's now out of stock! Xx

  • Samantha P.

    Omg how funny!!!!!!!

  • Siobhán H.

    this would be some crack I'd say

  • Lynsey T.

    the replacement for pie face?

  • Tina �.

    this could be this years Xmas entertainment :joy:

  • Claire M.

    this looks good for christmas

    • Kerry W.

      I saw that but I don't like the idea of having to put that mouth piece in my mouth after everyone else has had it in theirs!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    • Tania B.

      I want this game it looks hillarious x

  • Emma W.

    This looks like a right laugh :joy:x

  • Megan K.

    We need this for Christmas Day !!

  • Samantha I.

    Christmas Day game .....

  • Alex R.

    Looks so fun

  • Sinead M.

    Oh I'm getting this!!!

  • Lisa C.

    If it's studio it's £19.99 ..I ordered it sun and got a email today sayin they couldn't obtain the stock for this game x

  • Maggie M.

    We need to get this!! :joy:

  • Laura F.

    we need this for Christmas :evergreen_tree:

  • Holly R.

    Looks so funny!!xx

  • Rebecca M.

    I'm already all over this!!! Saw a YouTube video and I intend to buy it Hahahaha xxxx

  • Lisa W.

    , , , , , , this would be hilarious for our Christmas game :joy: x

  • Lorna A.

    I think I need to get this for new year!!!

  • Kellie P.

    I want that

  • Natalie L.

    Sooooooo want one!!! Xx

  • Lindsey W.

    I ordered mine from Asda online on monday and picked it up before

  • Chloe B.

    get the steriliser ready lol

  • Joanne C.

    Out of stock :weary:

  • Carol M.

    we need this for Xmas x

  • Joana M.

    Too many people trying to buy it lol

  • Catherine N.

    Naw its outta stock everywhere! Smyths had ones in but wasn't available for click an collect went up an they had none! Now amazons gone from £24.99 to 39!! Ill get it though!! Lol

  • Christina C.

    I got one on website the entertainer yesterday - everywhere else sold out!

  • Kerry D.

    Need it lol

  • Hazel P.

    . I got this ready for Xmas :joy: xx

  • Jade W.

    Everywhere have sold out :see_no_evil::persevere:

  • Charlotte M.

    Nah playpennies is a genuine site. I follow their posts for bargains all the time! X

  • Amanda B.

    Good luck getting it.. Sold out straight away!!!

  • Mary S.

    We need this xx

  • Francesca M.

    Ooh we need this!! :relaxed:

  • Tash W.

    I've just managed to get it :joy::joy: what a laugh

  • Sarah R.

    Fab :blush:

  • Adele L.

    It's the game that's going to be last years Pie Face to get! Will be hard to get.

  • Debbie S.

    I ordered one from Studio24 last week and got notification that it was sold out and they were having trouble obtaining further stock so cancelled my order :disappointed_relieved:. Fingers crossed the link comes back up and I will try again x

  • Tash W.

    I've just bought it :grin:

  • Mary S.

    Speak out and prosecco :see_no_evil:

  • Debbie L.

    Oh we Defo gotta get this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • MrsJemma M.

    I had an email saying its been dispatched n will be with me soon....fingers crossed x

  • Samantha S.

    That speak out is out of stock everywhere and expensive on Amazon! Gonna be like pie face lol x

  • Laura N.

    Lol I might have to get it :joy::joy::joy:

  • Aileen K.

    this be class for a games night lol ! Xx

  • Marj W.

    Omg that's cheap x

  • Kris R.


  • Kaleigh D.

    another xmas day game :wink:

    • Blaine C.

      We got to get this

  • Danni C.

    they're on Argos but out of stock x

  • Sammy C.

    this would be good for Xmas haha x

    • Sammy C.

      Good game for Xmas day actually eh xx

  • Robyn J.

    On order but est del not til nov!! Not holding my breath lol x

  • Lisa B.

    i think this should be this years xmas game !!

  • Stacey L.

    I've just been watching this on you tube looks ace x

  • Nikki W.

    I have it already!! Under my bed for xmas

  • Donna H.

    I have pre ordered it :clap_tone1::ok_hand_tone1::joy::joy::joy: xxx

  • Victoria L.

    So need this ha xx

  • Luci C.

    this will be fun at Xmas. And maybe less messy than pie face :joy:

  • Bev B.

    Just wait till it comes in shops x

  • Bethany R.

    !!! One for games night!!! :sweat_smile::joy::grin:

  • Jemma J.

    we need this for Xmas!

  • Rosie F.

    OMG need this game haha x

  • Lina B.

    Looks really good but apparently sold out everywhere xx

  • Sarah D.

    I was looking at this the other day!!!!! Was like 70 quid on amazon and ebay though! Xxx

  • Vicki S.

    this would b brilliant game for xmas

  • Madeline A.

    I want this lol

  • Hayley O.

    we need this how funny would this b to play lol x

  • Susan L.

    Hahaha oh yeah :joy::joy: this would be hilarious :joy::joy::joy:

  • Laura H.

    So getting this!!!

  • Georgina S.

    This looks hilarious xx

  • Kayleigh H.

    It looks brill ;) xxxx

  • Rosemarie P.

    we gotta try this...

    • Pamela H.

      Just ordered it :grinning: xx

  • Kayleigh H.

    Awww thanks pet :) xxxx

  • Alison M.

    we soo need this an and ours at Christmas lol

  • Joanne F.

    Sorted x

  • Denise C.

    Pre ordered at smyths :relaxed: xx

  • Ashleigh M.

    How amazing would this be :joy::joy:

  • Fern K.

    It's out of stock in every argos :persevere:

  • Abby F.

    Pretty cool:joy::smile::smile:

  • Laura A.

    Its comin up $! And its only for pre order! :kissing_heart: x

  • Mari-Clare S.

    this is the new pie face.

  • Emma B.

    It's out of stock

  • May Y.

    Looks good xx

  • Donna R.

    This is defo one for xmas x

  • Heidi H.

    I just looked it up but it's only got 1 star on reviews :weary: shame because it does have fun potential :joy:

  • Emily P.

    :joy::joy::joy: oh my goodness that would be such a laugh!! Xxx

  • Emily R.

    I want it !!!!!:joy::joy:

  • Nicky H.

    This looks so funny xx

  • Chantelle C.

    So excited for Xmas xxxx

  • Robyn J.

    I ordered ages ago but unless u wanna pay 100 there out of stock everywhere lol x

  • Orlaith M.

    Aww my god lol need it ha

  • Lisa S.

    :joy: ace isn't it!!

  • Kirsty T.

    That's the best price I've seen! I want it for my house

  • Hannah W.

    Sold out everywhere :thumbsdown:

  • Kirsty T.

    That's the best price I've seen, I want it for my house!

  • Fredx P.

    It's well cheap on ere xx

  • Kelly W.

    Awesome x

  • Clair C.

    Thank you xx

  • Hannah M.

    Am trying to get it :grin:

  • Gemma H.

    I'm so getting this xxxxxxx

  • Erin B.

    Omg yes!!!

  • Becky D.

    I actually cry with laughter watching it on youtube i so wana try it please lol xxx

  • Natalie D.

    Omg heavy bargain :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:defo need to get it!

  • Amie W.

    I shared something like this before!! And yes definitely a crimbo game!!!

  • Natasha K.

    looks fun x

  • Louise S.

    Yeah one for Christmas Day

  • Charlotte W.

    yes!! This is what I saw the other day. Xx

  • Charlotte C.

    I'm buying this for New Year's Eve :joy::joy::joy:

  • Danni C.

    Just get mouth pieces online, we had them last Xmas before the game - hours of fun and a couple of quid xx

  • Lisa Y.

    Haha I'm going to get it looks good xx

  • Jane H.

    Looks like great fun:joy::joy::joy:xx

  • Donna S.

    Omg need this.xx

  • Leona C.

    Oh yeah, that wud be hilairous. Xx

  • Vicki S.

    Seen this but it's from china

  • Jen D.

    Haha, this would be hilarious

  • Heather H.

    When I go to pay it says error.. and it's not my payment card that's the error :(

  • Katie H.

    My friends got it,says it's dead good...x

  • Natalie C.

    Im def going to get this for us lol

  • Claire G.

    So getting this for Christmas

  • Lesley C.

    I was looking at this the other day the kids would love it

  • Emma M.


  • Lesley C.


  • Kristyn B.

    It'll be like me with braces all over again

  • Gemma J.

    Was going to get this x

  • Claire L.

    I need this xx

  • Joanne A.

    We definitely need some Christmas Day entertainment xx

  • Tony S.

    I don't fancy that at all. Not my cup of tea.

  • Amy B.

    Is this game available in stock anywhere??

  • Leyla P.

    Must get this!

  • Lorna G.

    Il try get it xx

  • Amie W.

    We have to get it!!!!

  • Kim M.

    Still none available

  • Sue C.

    Did you see video of guys eating crackers with these in?? So funny. The pie face of 2016!!! Get it :joy::joy::joy:

  • Janna R.

    Whoop! I'll get it next week if it's still in stock xxx

  • Mary M.

    That is cheaper than Argos xxx

  • Becki T.

    It's sold out everywhere :grimacing:

  • Emily Q.

    Won't accept payment :pensive:

  • Lindsey C.

    I was looking at this X it's a must get for the kids x

  • Katie T.

    OMG we need it :joy::joy::joy:

  • Anna D.

    I think I've managed to order it!! :joy:

  • Amy M.

    Hahahhaha I might get this :joy:

  • Jennifer D.

    Been looking for it xx

  • Charlene G.

    Needed!!!! How brilliant would this be lol xxxxx

  • Mary D.

    I'd so win!!! Bring it!!!

  • Rhiannon C.

    100% will be soooooo fun at xmas xxx

  • Samantha C.

    Just checked them and all out of stock :( x

  • Debs S.

    Get it ordered,I'll pay x

  • Andrea L.

    We have to get this! X

  • Danielle P.

    This looks fun x

  • Laura B.

    We need it

  • Lindsey M.

    Mint, I'll get it. I can't wait to play it with the kids lol x

  • Lauren E.

    !!! That's well cheap!

  • Lauren E.

    Just reserved one at Argos. Christmas giggles here we come!!

  • Lauren E.

    I'm so excited :joy::joy:

  • Karen M.

    Ahhh class, we soooooo have ta get it :grin::grin::grin::ok_hand::thumbsup:

  • Siobhan S.

    I have to get!! :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:xxx

  • Louise M.

    I need this!! :joy::joy:

  • Jodie-Lee C.

    We are so getting this! :blush:

  • Sophie B.

    Haha oh I'm so tempted to buy it :) xXx

  • Claire A.


  • Shay A.

    Looks good like lol x

  • Carrieanne W.

    We need this for a night in it would be ace x

  • Robert O.

    This is happening

  • Jessica S.

    Omg love it:joy::joy:

  • Karen J.

    I'm gona order it next week :relaxed: xx

  • Emily V.

    Must get this ordered!

  • Eddie B.

    If I can pay through PayPal I feel a bit better. I'm sure they'll be available again in Argos xx

  • Ammie B.

    We need it xx

  • Donz A.

    Oh my god I need to order this x

  • Hayley S.

    I'm going to get this for xmas lol

  • Amy B.

    Brilliant x

  • Carly C.

    Can u imagine trying this drunk haha! With shots as forfeits :joy:

  • Kerry B.

    Buy it!!!

  • Janet P.

    Not hygienic if you've all got to share mouth pieces? Xx

  • Ellie S.

    I think itl end up sold out so could do with getting it soon, its on argos' 3for2 at min aswell..xx

  • Katie C.

    I am definitely getting this for Christmas! Will be hilarious :joy:

  • Leanne C.

    It looks funny bet it's a right laugh x

  • Kelly W.

    I'm getting it, looks hysterical

  • Laura F.

    We need it

  • Bronwyn L.

    We can play it around Christmas time :joy:

  • Shelley M.

    all games are good with lots of alcohol

  • Jo N.

    We so need this xx

  • Amy B.

    I think our best option will be to buy the mouth guards n make up our own sayings

  • Harriet W.

    I tried getting it but can't find it in stock anywhere. All three argos are out xx

  • Sinéad B.

    I ordered it off Argos and they emailed me to say was out of stock! :rage:

  • Irene B.

    Omg! We need this!!

  • Natalie W.

    Awww :cry::cry: it's gona be like that pie face isn't it!! B&ms will make a cheaper version soon haha xxx

  • Harriet W.

    I tried amazon but they're charging £40:see_no_evil:

  • Zoe D.


  • Merryn W.

    Thanks!! I can't wait to play this...purchasing now! :-) x

  • Marie H.

    i really want his game it looks so fun xx

  • Emma C.

    I'm getting this for xmas x

  • Leah L.

    Need it!!!!

  • Luke K.

    get it ordered!!

  • Billy W.


  • Emma W.

    Excellent :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jenna Y.

    I think this would be hilarious :joy: xxx

  • Kirstee Y.

    Let's get it for when we have our family day at Christmas time! Xxx

  • Lynn T.

    Thats the very game!! Looks like itd be a hoot :wine_glass::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:xx

  • Shauna M.

    This would be hilarious:joy::joy:

  • Shauneen L.

    Have to buy this :joy::joy::joy:

  • Holly C.

    Yesssss please!! Bring on Christmas!! :raised_hands_tone1::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Stacey H.

    I want it to play over Xmas xx

  • Sarahlou B.

    Oh my god that is a bargain xx

  • Heidi A.

    Yep on my xmas list :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Ross M.

    Must get!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl W.

    I think it looks hilarious!! :joy::joy:

  • Lois B.

    Yes! We need this!! Xx

  • Gemma L.

    Sold out already

  • Helen M.

    Sold out

  • Victoria M.

    Is that through toys r us. Cuz there sold out. X

  • Gemma L.

    Out of stock everywhere

  • Carla D.

    Excellent find!! Xx

  • Amy S.

    It says Tesco has it in stock but I went to buy it and was saying it was out of stock :disappointed: x

  • Karen S.

    Thanks hun will try the now xx

  • Angelina H.

    Class lol xx

  • Amy S.

    It lets you put it in the basket but when you go to checkout it says it's out of stock. I will get it at some point :joy: thanks anyway x

  • Emma S.

    Argos have some

  • Jennifer J.

    Got mine ordered :wink:

  • Gemma T.

    Fingers crossed, we'll get it before November :wink: xx

  • Stacey W.

    Ordered :grinning: Thanku lets hope this seller is a good one xxxxx

  • Sarah M.

    Hahahahaha omg this is the game :raised_hands_tone1: x

  • Gail B.

    Just got one whoop x

  • Jamie-leigh C.

    Just got one .

  • Lindsey B.

    Oh that's good x

  • Rachael C.

    Got one :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Danni D.

    How do I order it

  • Michael W.

    It's to pre order won get it till end of October

  • Aimee B.

    Yay! Thanks x

  • Glyn

    Unfortunately the ones on ebay coming from china and hong kong are likely to be fakes. Not sure I'd want my kids playing with them.

  • Suzzanne H.

    Still in stock !

  • Jo B.

    Oh I've just ordered one I got it for £10 wooo x

  • Jay J.

    Ordered mine this morning :) thanks xx

  • Tami W.

    Sold out :disappointed:

  • Donna C.

    Ye, I'm going getting it today xx

  • Gill B.

    Paid more for it that's a great price .Thanks Han X

  • Rebecca B.

    Sold out

  • Joanne A.

    I got it from tesco online about an hour ago 19.95 with free click and collect x

  • Jasmine I.

    Bought it x

  • Nicci P.

    Oooh, I want it!!xx

  • Victoria G.

    That's a good price, I've ordered it too so we've got more mouth pieces xxxx

  • Emma A.

    Already got it. I paid £20 as well :pensive:

  • Jamie M.

    Ordered :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Karen S.

    Right I am on it lol xx

  • Kimberley G.

    Thanks :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Karen C.

    All sold out :slight_frown:

  • Karen S.

    Aaaarrgh it's sold out xx

  • Leanne L.

    Al wait till nearer xmas x

  • Roisin R.

    Couldn't think of anything worse lolll

  • Mary W.

    Just ordered one

  • Julie H.

    Cheers my dear :grinning::grinning::grinning:

  • Gemma M.

    We need this for our family get togethers , , , , , , xxx

    • Rebecca M.

      This would be brilliant xxx

  • Beth S.

    how about this for Xmas day game :grin:

    • Poppy D.

      Omg yes yes yes so funny :joy::joy:

  • Annie C.

    Oooh amazing! Thanks Beth :kissing_heart: xx

  • Paula S.

    Yes reckon it would be a good laugh xx

  • Karen C.

    A managed to order it:nerd:gets delivered in December tho lol! Xx

  • Lucy H.

    Yeah just bought it for 16.99 lol xx

  • Zasha D.

    Got mine yesterday in my local Sainsbury's they had a few of them x

  • Kirsty J.

    Out of stock in all links.

  • Michelle W.

    I ordered within a minute and just got an email to say it wasn't fulfilled :rage::rage:

  • Anthony W.

    Thais game is so much fun

  • Samantha H.

    Haha sounds like fun! It does say 16+ :joy: add a few beverages :joy:

  • Kerry G.

    we shld get this for Xmas hehe xxx

  • Sandra M.

    Entertainers no got it but lookin like nun anywhere good luck :) xx

  • Carlie B.

    Iv just ordered it for delivery c

  • Jennifer W.

    ooo I'm gonna check again

  • Jennifer W.

    Still saying out of stock

  • Karen S.

    Yay!!!!!!!!! Finally got it. Thanks hun. You are a star :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:xx

  • Julie A.

    Wee trip there for it. Cheers :thumbsup:

  • Sam1

    Has anyone purchased this from the Ali express website? Not heard of the website before

  • Samantha W.

    If u click on the link on the entertainer website and get them to e mail u when they r back in stock they will! They came back into stock last week for a day lol and I managed to get one because I got them to e mail me when they were in stock!

  • Dawn W.

    I got one from Debenhams x

  • Darren C.

    Germ ridden game it's like let's play share the toothbrush

  • Jane B.

    Ordered!!! Plus extra mouth pieces!!

  • Gemma M.

    Pre Ordered it £11.88 xx

  • Joanne S.

    Sainsburys @ Halifax have some in store, saw them this morning

  • Louise H.

    none in stock coalville or for home delivery. I ordered from studio.. just waiting for it to arrive as the date keeps getting pushed back!!! better be here for Xmas!!

    • Gill M.

      I ordered from studio date now saying 11th Dec! Was for my sons birthday 7th oct.

    • Louise H.

      madness isn't it. I will be complaining if it doesn't arrive on time. all the other big chains are getting more stock so why aren't studio.... x

    • Louise H.

      but they still have the cheek to charge you for it on your account!

    • Courteney S.

      They're out of stock at the minute but they won't allow me to put my email address in! Been trying to get it since August!!

    • Louise H.

      I ordered when it was in stock that's what makes me mad lol x

    • Lesley B.

      Ordered beginning Sep studio when apparently in stock, email other day to say expected December too :rage::rage::rage:

    • Lene F.

      I ordered mine from studio weeks ago when showing in stock. Gets email next day to say dispatched 0 items........week later refunded. :( managed to get it from argos thankfully. Good luck.

  • Sue B.

    None in stock Birmingham :(

  • Ann-marie S.

    Out of stock! And for.home delivery!

  • Melissa S.

    Bedford store have them :)

  • Tara J.

    Tj Hughes in Eastbourne had loads yesterday x

  • Kelly C.

    Managed to get mine if Amazon

  • Claire M.

    Oh god :see_no_evil: I can't talk normally as it is let alone something being in my mouth :see_no_evil::joy: defo gotta get this and play it on Boxing Day! Lol

  • Jamie-leigh C.

    There £12.88 on eBay I waited around £3 weeks for it to come . If got it now x

  • Lindsay S.

    Just checked "out of stock" in about 10 "local" argos' Hopefully I'll still get mine x

  • Claire B.

    Had loads of these in the new toys r us in broughton

  • Chloe M.

    That's great just ordered it normally 20 quid x

  • Sophie F.

    Not available for collection or delivery :weary:

  • Hayley R.

    Lol I looked at getting this it looks good fun :joy::joy:

  • Emma B.

    It's out stock every where xx

  • Natasha R.

    yea just went to get it! £20 is cheapest ive seen it. bet its sold out everywhere. x

  • Nicola M.

    Just checked out of stock :thumbsdown_tone1::disappointed: thanks though :blush: I raced over to Argos website!! X

  • Joanne H.

    Tried still all saying out of stock :pensive:

  • Amy B.

    In stock on amazon for delivery between end of October n beginning of Nov ATM!

  • Samantha M.

    Yes I'm getting this defo in our Christmas games list this year :hugging: it's going to be sooo funny!!:joy::joy: xxxxxx

  • Danielle A.

    Our local toy shop have stock but are £22.99

  • Sophie S.

    Try getting it anywhere, it's near impossible!

  • Ann-Marie R.

    I was just in tesco in Walsall and there's plenty on the shelf :grinning:

  • Jade H.

    Haha going to be so funny x

  • Amy P.

    :pensive: the place I've ordered it from Has changed delivery date from November to December so I wonder if I'll still get it! I'll keep my eye out!!

  • Jay T.

    Out of stock everywhere near us lol

  • Keleigh N.

    Toys r us had loads last week

  • Kirsty H.

    Tj Hughes have some In store if you have one close

  • Deborah C.

    Went on says out of stock :( thanks though

  • Louise S.

    It says in stock for home delivery to me in 2 days, then when I go to checkout it then says it is out of stock at my local warehouse and removes it from the basket.

  • Stacey W.

    Wouldnt bother with eBay they're fake the spelling mistakes are a joke on the box even logos are upside down lol left neg feedback!

  • Kelly D.

    Just ordered mine!!! Being delivered tomorrow thank you!!!!

  • Kyrsti M.

    for Christmas Day :joy::joy::joy:

  • Fefe O.

    They are always sold out by the time I go and look :disappointed: x

  • Laura H.

    Tesco? It's not saying sold out on mine x

  • Michaela W.

    Oh I think it's sold out already :weary:

  • Rachael D.

    its in stock for delivery at toys r us, spend an extra tenna and it's free delivery :blush:

  • Nicola M.

    John Lewis had stock last night online then i phoned this morning save me getting delivery and they were sold out then went back on website and gone!!! Nightmare :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xxx

  • Krissy M.

    I saw loads in sainsburys today and in the Toy Event

  • Jeanette G.

    Stock on asda direct I got it yesterday evening x

  • spockle9

    If you are in Aberdeen there is a new Toys R Us opening at Union Square. Walked past on Saturday and they had a pile of them in the window.  Opened this morning

  • Danielle M.

    Brilliant! Just got it thanks. Got the eBay one for £10! Not bothered about delivery late November xx

  • Katie H.

    I'm on it :smiley::thumbsup_tone2: xx

  • Nadine D.

    They had this for £19.99 in my local Wh smiths today....

  • Stephanie P.

    They had them in the entertainer today when I was there !

  • Iain B.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Ordered! :) x

  • Eve I.

    :) Sounds good. Can't wait to see videos :)

  • Louise M.

    that's the game is was talking about for Christmas Day x

  • Zoe D.

    Been looking for one of these but refused to pay stupid money for it. £12 bargain. Thank you xx

  • Nicole W.

    Thanks for spotting this. Just purchased for £2 as I had club card points to use when logged in. Hehe xx

  • Lisa G.

    Thank you!!! I got it :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Louise B.

    Just got one following this link plus got club card points so it's free!!

  • Stacey C.

    Ah I got this game it is hilarious

  • Tejal R.

    Been after this game!! Thanks!! x

  • Carly M.

    Nice one :ok_hand: just bought it xxx

  • Amanda H.

    Oooo I'll have to order it xxxxxx

  • Leanne P.

    £9.99 in pound strechers x

  • Lucy A.

    Omg! Brilliant I'm just playing it! I'm sure there will be a video later! Fabulous! Xxx

  • Jacqui C.

    I got this for Christmas ordered extra mouth pieces off Amazon I'm not sharing lol

  • Jessica T.

    We WILL get one of these:muscle_tone2::sob:!!!!!

  • Sophie H.

    I've got one already :rolling_eyes:

  • Mercedes B.

    I have got this cnt wait to play it lol x

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