Phil&Teds Strike Back With An Open Letter To 'Joel'

phil and teds dad

You've read about Joel, the hapless Dad who listed his 'Green Monster' Phil&Teds pushchair on eBay.

Now read the response from Phil&Teds:

An open letter to Joel:
Like yourself, we weren't really expecting internet fame on an average Tuesday, Joel. However with great power comes great responsibility, so we wanted to reach out to you & anyone else with a pushchair that is needing a new home, to look at donating it to our Buggies for Good program (find out more here)

We suspect you like the pushchair a bit more than you let on, given you mention filling the tyres & lubricating parts over the years. Good stuff, Joel. We'd also like to provide you & others some advice for cleaning off those various 'bodily fluids' you mention. See some tips here.

And Joel... we know the parenting life is full of mess & hard work, so do try to keep your own 'fluids' away from your lovely wife if you aren't so fussed on more of that. 

Happy parenting everyone! 


Yep, we think Phil&Teds won that round!

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