Mum Writes Alternative Sick Note To Excuse Daughter From PE At School

Mum Writes Note for PE

Remember the days of asking your mum for a note to get you out of PE?

My kids are yet to try that with me - one would happily do PE all day long, and the other isn't foolish enough to try asking me to get him out of country dancing or yet another game of football narrowly disguised as a PE lesson.

But one mum took things to a whole new level when her teenaged daughter asked for a note to excuse her from doing PE.

The Independent reports:

 A teenage schoolgirl looking to avoid a PE lesson was left surprised when she produced a 'sick letter' written by her mother to find that it wasn't quite what she'd asked for.

The girl, known only as Olivia, was apparently looking to skive the class and needed a note to say that she had a valid medical excuse.

The girl's mother wrote:

Olivia has requested that I wrote her a note for PE. Here it is...

Olivia is perfectly fit and well to take part in her PE lesson today. The only thing she's suffering with is a case of Bone-idle-itus! Olivia's complaint is, it's too cold to participate.

Might I send a few extra laps to warm her up??

Please return to Olivia after reading.


 I can only hope that Olivia, whoever she may be, has a thick skin and a sense of humour...

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