Lakeland Yolk Hero Review

I'm a big fan of kitchen gadgets but now there's a new love in my life.

The Yolk Hero from Lakeland is just about the coolest and cleverest kitchen 'toy' I've come across.

Mine came free in a bag of goodies I was given at a recent Lakeland press event but it costs just £6.99 and is literally one of the most brilliant products I've come across. It's basically a red rubberised sucky up thing (not a technical term, I hasten to add) which you can use to separate the yolk of an egg from its white in one quick and easy sucky-up movement.

I know what the cynics among you are going to say - how hard is it to seperate the white from the yolk of an egg? But there's easy and there's absolutely effortless, and the Yolk Hero falls firmly into the latter cateogory. It's also absolutely brilliant for cooking with kids, enabling even tiny tots to help with tricky things like separating eggs, without you having to worry about wiping yolks off the ceiling for weeks thereafter. You literally just crack the egg into a bowl, squeeze the Yolk Hero and then hold it above the yolk and release, and as if by magic the yolk is sucked up into the Yolk Hero, where it stays until you give it a squeeze and release it back into your mixing bowl or wherever you want it to be. No more recipes ruined by stray bits of egg shell, or meringue failures because your egg didn't separate perfectly. The Yolk Hero can even hold up to 3 egg yolks at a time.



  • kelly_o_fanatic
    Same can be done with empty plastic bottle :) saves £7 too!
  • LynleyOram
    I'm intrigued Kelly. How do you do that? Or do you have a link to a how to?

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