Keep The Kids In Line With A Time Out Chair

You might just need one this summer!
Keep The Kids In Line With A Time Out Chair

Time out and naughty steps are not a new concepts - if you've ever watched an episode of Supernanny then you'll know that. However, these techniques can prove very useful when it comes to eliminating bad or negative behaviour. You can use the bottom step, or buy a time out chair to let your child reflect on what they did that went against the rules.

Time Out Chairs & Naughty Steps

One of the cheapest time out chairs out there is the Bright Side Hello Again Mr Naughty Seat at £16.69 from Amazon.

I think this Fantasy Fields Dinosaur Kingdom Childrens Wooden Naughty Time Out Chair Seat*is lovely, hand-painted and is a reasonable £34.99 delivered.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of time out or naughty steps, then here's a simple explanation of one way it can be used.

You have rules in your home that outline acceptable and unacceptable behaviour - like sharing is caring, hitting is NEVER allowed etc. If your child does not comply with a rule and after three warnings doesn't stop, then they are taken to the time out chair or naughty step, where they are to sit and reflect on why they have been put there.

My health visitor always suggested a guide time of a minute per year of their life - so three minutes for a three year old and so on.

If like me, your child was way too unpredictable to be trusted to sit safely on the stairs, then a time out chair may well suit you better.

We don't use the term naughty step for ours, as my son needs it as a place for calm when he is overstimulated. That's exactly how we utilise it - if he gets agitated by his surroundings then he has a safe place that can bring him back down.

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  • Sonya C.

    might need this for Norah :joy:

    • Rachel W.

      it's cute, don't need anymore chairs though lol

      • Matt L.

        would be stuck to it lol

        • Vicki J.

          I definitely need this x

          • Jane B.

            , , don’t think this would work with Beau, he’d enjoy hanging out with the dinasours!:joy::joy::joy:x

            • Abbie B.

              Probably wouldn’t have the desired effect

              • Andrea B.

                My 3 and 4 year olds would probably be naughty just to sit on it :smiling_imp: