Do You Wish You Could Un-invent The Smartphone?

Wish You Could Un-invent The Smartphone?

Have you ever wished you could just banish smartphones altogether?

According to new research, one third of parents wish they could un-invent the smartphone to reduce the amount of time their children spend online.

The research reveals that 69% of parents also feel guilty about the amount of time their children spend in front of a screen. The average child spends more than eight hours a week on mobile phones, TVs, laptops and tablets – and 80% of parents admit to spending less than four hours a week with their children. Three quarters of parents believe that, as a result, today’s children are using their imaginations much less than previous generations and that this could be harming their social skills.

In response to the report, HONEST® Kids has partnered with environmental charity Groundwork and Julia Bradbury, former BBC Countryfile and now ITV’s Britain's Favourite Walks presenter, to create the ‘Thirst for the Great Outdoors’ Activity Guide to help inspire parents and children to spend quality time with each other.

The research also reveals that almost 7 out of 10 (68%) parents admit they have never played catch, I-spy (47%) or hide and seek (36%) with their children. Instead these games are being replaced by gadgets and may soon be lost to history with 73% of parents no longer playing conkers, marbles or even a game of ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ with today’s technology-obsessed youngsters.

Almost 8 out of 10 parents (78%) said they felt stressed trying to think of fun activities to keep kids entertained, which might explain why the average child now spends 69 minutes every day playing on a smartphone, games console or on the internet. This equates to more than eight hours per week or the equivalent of 17 entire days a year. Even the youngest children in the study (aged four to eight) were found to be spending 52 minutes a day glued to some form of screen.

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  • Lorraine P.

    Not to mention their partners/spouses :rolling_eyes:

  • Safia K.

    My youngest is in Y6 and apparently everyone has a mobile appart from him in his class. He said he is the odd one out, I replied by saying that's good then because you don't need one anyway. Smart tv, my mobile, ipad and a laptop is more than enough for my family and most of the times i have to hide the laptop anyway. No need for parents to buy Xbox and iPhones 7!

  • Carla C.

    We have a family iPad that my 4 year old occasionally plays, they are good and have some good learning opportunities... I have never had to limit her time on it as she doesn’t have the need to be on it all the time, we play games with her, do arts crafts etc and honestly she hasn’t bothered with it in weeks, they don’t need to be on them all the time if they are offered other things to do instead x

  • Susan A.

    my children each have tablet/ds and eldest has an xbox1 (10&8) house rules are as follows: 30-40 mins tech time on school nights and its not every night 2hrs maximum over the weekend they are only allowed 1 piece of tech for their time (so no having half hr on the xbox, then another half hr on the tablet... which is what they thought they were getting) if they have friends round then i am more free willing with the time but generally they dont spend the whole time on technology theyd rather play lego, games, read etc. I dont wish to un-invent the smartphone or tech.. its more a case of letting our children know that some tech time is good fun, but also, so is playing board games having a general conversation etc and that life doesnt have to revolve around technology.

  • Kate H.

    Ask them for my bloody phone back :joy:

  • Karina W.

    My 2 are nearly 6 and I don’t let them have it. They have the rest of their lives to stare at a screen, let them be kids and use their imaginations....that’s my opinion, but each to their own

  • Melissa A.

    YES! Yes I do! I wish we could un invent a lot of modern day things. I wish we could change the whole life ethic we have evolved into.

  • Gina F.

    I think they are a good thing used the right why.......but I would take the Husbands off him lol he’s worse then the kids for not putting it down when he should! Lol

  • Fiona R.

    I don't understand why parents can't just take them away and put them out of reach and sight...! Not that hard..:thinking:

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