Back To School: Top 6 Coolest School Bags

Top 5 Coolest School Bags

Fancy taking the coolest school bag with you on the first day of term?

There are so many school bags to choose from it really is a minefield. But if you want your youngster to have the coolest school bag for the start of term then you need to take a look at the top 6 coolest school bags that we found!

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1. Little Joule Junior Buddie Dinosaur Rucksack* £24.95 John Lewis

How cool is this school bag!? This dinosaur rucksack is made by Joules and is available at John Lewis. I love the 3D detailing along the back and the brightness of it. It will make it easy to spot on the school pegs. Perfect as a little boys school bag or for a little girls school bag.

2. 3D Talking Minions Sunglasses Backpack* £18 Claire's

Yes you heard me right a TALKING backpack! And you know what makes this the coolest school bag? You don't have to listen to it talking, pack the kids off to school and that's that! What's not to love about this school bag, it features a loveable Minion, it talks and it's got a 3D design. Again it is completely unisex and could be used for a younger girls school bag or a younger boys school bag. As kids backpacks go this is definitely one of the best!

3. Captain America Shield Backpack* £8.95 Character

Now this is a cool school bag! If your youngster is a fan of Captain America and Marvel then this will be right up their street. Plus it's a bit of a bargain too, it's the cheapest of the kids backpacks I have to show you but it is still very cool. It is in the shape of Captain America's shield and is sure to stand out. I want one myself but I'm not sure how a 31 year old woman would get away with it :-)

4. Bristol Satin Quilted Backpack* £29 Topshop

It can be a struggle looking for a backpack for a teen, you want it to look trendy but it also needs to be practical and hold everything. Plus most teens would want something that doesn't stand out from the crowd, the opposite of buying a kids backpack! I love this Topshop backpack, it is understated, will go with every uniform and is still very trendy. It won't ever go out of fashion as it is so classic.

5. Vans Old Skool Classic Camo Backpack* £40 Vans

You can't go wrong with a branded name backpack for a teenage boy. This Vans Old Skool Backpack is great, it comes in plenty of designs and colours but I must say I love this classic camo print. It would make a great school bag for a teenage boy, it has plenty of room and looks totally cool.

6. Pony Kids Compartment Backpack* £24 Cath Kidston

Not only do I love the gorgeous pony design on this school bag for girls I also love the style of the school bag. It has a drawstring opening to the top of the bag so it is easy for younger girls to open plus there is a zipped compartment at the bottom to keep a snack or stationery in. This design definitely makes it one of the best backpacks for back to school.

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