Super Chocolate For Super Dads £3.95 @ Toblerone

7 June 2010


YUM! For Mother’s Day we had a Toblerone kitted out just for us and now it’s Dad’s turn. The yummy Swiss chocolate has been completely rebranded to make a special Father’s Day present that will enchant, tantalise and save your wallet.

The Father’s Day Toblerone’s are limited edition designs that turn the choccy into a superhero. Down the length of the chocolate there’s a logo saying SUPER DAD! Which I love. The bar comes in 400g of sticky, gooey, divine Swiss chocolate and there are few Dads who won’t enjoy munching away at their own bars while watching the World Cup.

Interestingly, last year a staggering 428 tonnes of Toblerone were sold in the four weeks leading up to Father’s Day. That’s the equivalent of 8000 Swish mountain goats or one full Boeing 747. That’s definitely one heck of a lot of chocolate, that’s for sure.

So, if you want to slip a Dad with a sweet tooth something extra special this month, then perhaps this will be the way to go. Sadly, my hubby has issued a “No sweets as am on diet” ban for Father’s Day so I guess I’ll have to buy one and then helpfully eat it for him. I’m nice that way, I am.

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  • Katie
    Where can I buy one of the super dad toblerones from?
  • Tamsin O.
    Hi Katie! As far as I know they are available at all major stores like Sainsbury's et al but I've contacted the company to get more information. Once I know, I'll post it here for you. It's a fab pressie, isn't it?
  • Tamsin O.
    Yep, they are available in all major supermarkets. Wahey!
  • lewisjtown
    Great prezzie for my super dad 8) He loved it!

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