Science Museum Giant Retro Space Hopper £9.99 @ Amazon

8 June 2010

Space Hopper 1I admit it, I am jealous. Looking about for Father's Day presents, they just seem, well a bit more fun than the stuff that gets put out for Mother's Day. I'm thinking of starting a Just for Fun Day. And when I do, I want one of these Science Museum Giant Retro Space Hoppers. On sale at Amazon at the moment for £9.99 delivered.

Space Hopper 2 There's a shop up the road from me selling these, for £14.99 so I probably won't be buying from there! I have to admit I've had a little bit of a try instore. They're bigger than the usual kids version of this classic toy - according to the manufactuerer 33% bigger.

The rubber they're made of seems really thick and pretty tough. I never realised this at the time, but that face on the front is meant to be a kangaroo. And of course, it is orange. Who can resist orange?

It also comes with a foot pump, making it that little bit easier to fill with air.

Thanks to MikeT at HUKD!

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