Personalised Awesome Dad T-Shirt For Father's Day £5.95 @ Your Design

Personalised T-Shirts

Your Design have a fabulous offer on a personalised t-shirt for awesome dads for Father's day in June.  Reduced from £15 to £3, with an addition of £2.95 for shipping, you can pick the size of the t-shirt you want, and change the year for 'since' - 2009 in our case.

Get dad's present sorted nice and early*

  • Discount: £12
  • Expires: "Limited Time Only"
  • Dicount Code: DAD1

Dads do get a bit of a raw deal sometimes, as they seem to get gifts on a theme year after year -  DIY, socks, ties, hand prints. I know because I buy them too - and if I have a genius idea for something, it's normally hand made, and my hubby looks at it and says, 'oh thanks'. Ha, poor thing has had a lot of hand prints in four years!

These 'awesome dad' t-shirts are pretty cool though. Like a fine vintage, right? 

There's no information on what the t-shirts are made from, or care instructions, but I'm sure the t-shirts say that on them, and quite frankly, it's a £3 t-shirt, it's hard to go wrong!

Thanks to iantay1989 at HUKD

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