Insectosaurus Costume £4 @ Tesco

Insectosaurus Costume £4 @ Tesco

insectosaurusKids love costumes. Nearly as much as mums love bargains.

Little fans of the movie Monsters Vs Aliens will love this Insectosaurus suit, with matching claw gloves. It's a snip at £4.00 but do bear in mind that the long sleeved top and trousers pictured are not included.

You can also get costumes for the characters Missing Link and Dr Cockroach but these are a weecockroach bit pricier at £6.00, presumably because trousers are included.

Dressing up costumes are so much harder to lose or break than toys, so we seem to get loads of  mileage out of them in our house. We all know that anything that encourages imaginative play is a real bonus for kids, too. And my favourite thing about dressing up costumes is that they give you a legitimate reason to laugh at your kid, and get away with it.


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