The Creative Hub Rory's Story Cubes £6.80 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling these Creative Hub Rory's Story Cubes for £6.80, rather than £10. I've never come across them before but, even at first glance, think they look quite cool.

Okay, at more than the first glance they look REALLY cool! The idea is so simple, it's just brilliant, here's what you do:

Roll all nine dice at the same time, then let the face up images help you to make up a story that starts with 'Once upon a time...'.  That's IT!

The nine dice each have a unique image on each face, giving you a total of 54 images. This means (with a bit of clever maths that I didn't work out) that with every roll, there are over 10 million combination's for you to use as the inspiration for your story.

Now if it all sounds too simple and 'boring', have a read of these two reviews, then go and read the others over on Amazon, you might just change your opinion:

What a great toy! I bought the cubes for my 4 & 5 year old and we have all had a great time playing with the cubes and making up stories. The idea is so simple - roll the cubes & whatever comes up, you make a story to match. My children like acting out the stories they make up too so this adds to the fun. It makes a really good family game for everyone to take turns making up stories and makes a change from board games. I also found them good inspiration when thinking up new bedtime stories. Will be treasured for years to come.

We've had great fun with these Cubes. We got a set for our 6 year old to distract him on a long journey. The images are cleverly designed so that they can be interpreted in different ways. He was captivated by them and he still gets them out when he friends come round. It's so sweet to hear them tell stories together. Good too for adults over a glass or two - although the stories tend to be a bit different! Highly recommended.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm sold!

Thanks to veja_du at HUKD

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