24 Coloured Hair Chalks £10 @ Lync Me Up

If you're into messing around with your hair or know someone, young or older, who does, then have a quick look at these 24 coloured hair chalks - Lync Me Up are selling them for £10 rather than their usual £49.99.

If you're of a certain age you'll remember that Christmas parties often meant spraying some of you hair with bright lurid hair colour - I have a very vivid recollection of boys in my class at junior school with punked up hair in bright green and pink!

It seems the method of temporary colour application has changed a bit and that chalks are now the way to go - all you have to do is: spray your hair with water, draw on the colours you want to use, then set them with a hair dryer or pair of straighteners, that's all there is to it.  Then, when your party is over or you've had enough of your multicoloured hair.

I have to say they're not my cup of tea, but will make a fab stocking filler for someone and be great for Crimbo and New Year's Eve parties that demand such hair effects.

When I said have a QUICK look though, I meant it - this deal expires at 11.59pm tonight!

Happy hair colouring!

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  • spiraller
    P+P is a stonking £5.99 and it clearly states 'please allow up to 21 days for delivery' PLUS '72 hours for your code to be activated'. This is probably NO GOOD FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • racheldean
    Wish I'd actually read about HOW you actually get your item before I ordered, I thought it was just a simple case of ordering and you get it, not ordering a voucher code to get discount and then pay additional charges. what a waste of £10.
  • spiraller
    These sorts of 'deals' are posted to make this website some money through tracker URLs. I look in on playpennies now and again but 'deals' like this really lower my opinion of the site. Like everything, it all boils down to ££££ and how much they can make from us by posting cruddy deals like this. Money spin by all means, but don't take us all for idiots.
  • LynleyOram
    We're not perfect, we do make mistakes! But by and large we spend a lot of time looking for the best deals for our PlayPennies readers. We never actually look at the click through at all - well I expect our publisher does but the money stuff is the publisher's job. The editorial team's job is to make the site a desirable read for our audience. Getting feedback from readers is always good so we can make adjustments where necessary. But keep in mind that it is in our interest to keep a high readership level and if all we did was look for stuff that made money and didn't serve our readership we'd soon lose all you guys. It is an interesting point though Spiraller, and one that has dogged writers since publishing first began. Even in print the argument is there - are independent is the writing? How influenced by the advertisers is the editorial policy? Get the balance wrong and the readership sniffs it out straight away and lose faith in what they're reading, and that's when you lose the reader. It is pretty much the same online too. The readers always have to come first.

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