Waybuloo Bag Set £9.99 @ Bargain Crazy

Waybuloo Bag Set £9.99 @ Bargain Crazy

It isn't unusual to find character themed backpacks for a tenner so this feels like particularly good value. Bargain Crazy are selling the entire Waybuloo bag set for £9.99, down from its RRP of £30.

This Waybuloo bag set is a great idea for any child who loves the Waybuloo TV show. The bag set would be handy to use for short trips away and has a bright colourful print on the front of the bag making this bag standout for all the right reasons. That last bit is directly from the website, so it makes me think. What would all the wrong reasons be? The mind boggles a bit!

The set contains a suitcase, rucksack, drawstring bag and small mini bag. The site very carefully talks about 'child' and 'children' but lets face it, they clearly think that Waybuloo is watched just by girls right? The set is a lovely pastel purple and pink, At toddler age, boys don't mind really - most boys I have met at age 3 and under love the colour pink. I don't know why adults seem so fixated on boys not having pink stuff. No-one says girls can't have blue stuff?

But being as that's the case, why do the makers of this stuff always make gender decisions on our behalf? I remember when son was well into Peppa Pig, all he wanted was a Peppa Pig rucksuch and there were NONE at that point in time that weren't pink (that's changed now, thankfully). I had a similar problem when his favourite movie was Tangled (and it still is) and all he wanted was a t-shirt with the Flynn Rider/Eugene character. None. Nada. Zilch.

Word up Disney. Boys like movies with a princess in them too and most boys I know LOVE the Little Mermaid. OK? Sorry it seems like a ranty kind of Sunday morning in our house today.

Thanks to lovebargains at HUKD!


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