Trunki Toybox

21 November 2010

trunkiToybox We're all very excited in the PlayPennies office this morning, for we are REVELLING in the delight of the...

Ohhh yes, as big fans of anything Trunki we all went, "Ooooh....!" when the words Trunki Toybox were uttered.

Kids love to push things around - no, not you or their siblings! - their toy boxes; all my kids used to put things in boxes and proceed to push them around the lounge.

If you have more than one Trunki Toy Box, or your little friends have one,  you can join them together and all go for a scoot-along on your Trunki Toy Box Train!

It can be a cart, it can be a rocker so you can rock your teddies off to sleep (very important for tired teddies and imaginative play).

All we need now is a Gruffalo set of Trunki Toy Boxes and we'll be very VERY happy indeed!

However, retailing at£19.99 each is this just adding fuel to the Trunki madness...or is there really something in the magic of Trunki?

Kids say magic; we say expensive magic, but magic all the same!

What say you?

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