Sun Holiday Codes: £15 Summer Holidays - Collect Your Codes Here!

Sun Holiday Codes: £15 Summer Holidays - Collect Your Codes Here!

The Sun newspaper £15 Summer Holiday promotion is here! The first token was printed in the paper today, 2nd April, and there will be one printed every day until 17th April. You need a total of 8 codes, and booking opens on 8th April for Priority Bookers and Sun Perks Members, and on the 9th for everyone else.


These holidays are great for families, and loads of the parks have so many activities for the kids that they will never be bored! They provide amazing value for money, and there are plenty of summer school holiday dates available.



Saturday 2nd April: BEND

Sunday 3rd April: WAVY

Monday 4th April: COSY

Tuesday 5th April: PLAY

Wednesday 6th April: KNOT

Thursday 7th April: RING

Friday 8th April: C6X3

Saturday 9th April: BUZZ



Here's the dates that you can book for:


Monday-Friday (4 night breaks)

May 30
June 6, 13, 20, 27
July 4, 11, 18
August 29
September 5

Friday-Monday (3 night breaks)

May 27
June 3, 10, 17, 24
July 1, 8, 15, 22
August 26
September 2

The Priority (for those who have booked previously and have been sent a prority code) and Sun Perks booking opens on Friday 8th April 2016.
The main booking site for the offer will open on Saturday 9th April, 2016.

You can find lots of information about the parks available, the terms and conditions and how to book on the Sun Club950 website here.

We will be adding the Sun Codes to this blog daily, and updating information about booking. Demand will be huge so plan your dates and parks in advance of the booking going live.


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  • Lois79

    hi, how do I collect the sun holiday codes?

    • edandhen

      Hi Lois, the code words are listed in the blog above and will be updated daily. The first four are KEYS, BEND, WAVY and COSY. You need 8 to be able to make a booking. Hope that helps :)

    • Steph P.

      the codes are here for sun holiday

      • Ellie R.

        Ty x

        • Lisa M.

          read this we need to get organised to book x

          • Kayleigh W.

            we will have to book one take all the kids bab I will make a note off codes

          • Carla C.

            Are they not all unique codes this time then?

            • PlayPennies

              No Carla, they changed it back again for this promotion. I guess they must have seen a big drop in bookings last time. Good news though as it saves anyone having to but the paper!

            • Lisa M.

              I am a priority customer but not received my code in post like I usually do has anymore else ?! I have an email but no code?! Thanks

              • Holly P.

                Should be on top of the email

                • Lisa M.

                  Holly Pinder thanks I'll look again x

                  • Lisa M.

                    cant see anything just my booking ref!! :disappointed::disappointed:! X

                    • Gabi C.

                      Booking ref is it

                      • Lisa M.

                        aww ok then I just need to get today's code from paper is that right?! Thanks I haven't booked for a few years ! X

                        • PlayPennies

                          Yes, that's right Lisa, booking should be open now, but I can't get on the website right now to check - I think they have crashed! :(

                          • Lisa M.

                            PlayPennies I got on there but I don't have the 8th code from today's paper yet!! :weary:! X

                            • PlayPennies

                              It's on the blog now Lisa, I updated it as soon as I logged on x

                              • Vikki O.

                                I just put my email in n it didn't ask for codes

                              • Dana D.

                                Do you only need 8 tokens as it says it runs until 17th April but tokens only go up to the 9th? X

                                • PlayPennies

                                  Yes, just 8 tokens needed so we stop posting when we have enough for everyone to be able to book :)

                                  • Dana D.

                                    Great thank you :)

                                  • Xclairex L.

                                    good for what ur looking for x

                                    • Emma P.

                                      Brill hun thank you :) they got the weekend I wanted too :) xxxx

                                      • Xclairex L.

                                        thats good we did it last year and this we always upgrade but carvabs have never let us down and save a lot x

                                        • Xclairex L.

                                          where u decided to go x

                                          • Emma P.

                                            Combe haven :) so much too do & like u said the town is only 10 mins away. Xxx

                                            • Xclairex L.

                                              Aww brill when u going x

                                            • Laura S.

                                              Kept crashing but eventually it on and got the park I wanted on the date I wanted! Scarborough here we come :smile:

                                              • PlayPennies

                                                Brilliant! Have a fab time :)

                                              • Joanne S.

                                                Just booked ours :smiley:

                                                • PlayPennies

                                                  Enjoy your hols Joanne! :)

                                                • Raegan B.

                                                  I booked this morning!! Bonus that our schools break up a week before others so got the first weekend of the school holidays at our preferred Haven site for £80 plus £40 for extras xx

                                                  • Sarah S.

                                                    I've gone on book now and it just brings up availability nowhere to actually click one or continue. Am I missing something?

                                                    • Vicky G.

                                                      I wanted to book one for the October half term, but they're not available on this one. Does anyone know if they will do another one later on?

                                                      • PlayPennies

                                                        Hi Vicky, they normally do another one in July for late summer and early autumn holidays.

                                                        • Vicky G.

                                                          Thank you. Thought they did another one, just couldn't remember when x