Koo-Di Pop-Up Bubble Cot £28.49 Delivered @ Amazon

Koo-Di Pop-Up Bubble Cot £28.49 Delivered @ Amazon


Are you staying with family over the festive period? It's such a pain in the butt having to fill the boot of the car with the travel cot. Thankfully there's compact ones like the Koo-Di Pop-Up Bubble Cot. This normally sells for around the forty pound mark, and if you can get it sub thirty-five you are laughing. Amazon are currently selling it for £28.49 and this is by far the cheapest I have seen this. In fact the very same one is £40.49 at Asda Direct.

The Koo-Di Pop-Up Bubble Cot does come in lots of colours but only the aubergine is this ultra low price. It's a nice dark purply tone and would suit either boy or girl.

You may be wondering what age group this is for, and it's six to eighteen months, roughly. It weighs just 2.2kg and is an absolute breeze to put up and down. How many travel cots can you say that about? You get a padded mattress and a zip-up mosquito net.

These are so handy when you are staying with people and they really don't take up much room at all, up or down.


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