Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Basinette Cot £22.99 With Free Delivery @ Argos

Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Basinette Cot £22.99 With Free Delivery @ Argos

If you are going on your holidays soon and are talking a baby then a travel cot is an essential, and this wonderful Koo-Di Pop-Up one is a bargain at Argos. It's on offer at just £22.99, and there's even free delivery thrown in as well, so that saves you another £3.95 as well.

I've written about this clever Koo-di product before, as it's such a good solution for travelling with a baby. Anyone who has had to rearrange their car boot a thousand times to try and fit in a regular travel cot will tell you just how much room they can take up, even folded down. The pop-up design on this Koo-di Basinette means that it folds down flat and takes up a fraction of the room that a regular travel cot would. It even includes it's own padded mattress, removable canopy and mosquito net, plus a travel bag to store it in.

I wish I had known about this when my first was a baby as it would have made travelling with him so much easier. Plus I love the funky spotty design and the purple travel bag too, but that's just a bonus. If you're not keen on the bright colour then the Cafe Creme* one is £24.99, again with free delivery.

This Basinette size is designed for babies aged up to around 6 months who can't yet sit unaided, but there is also a larger size Bubble Travel Cot* for older babies, though that is cheapest at Kiddicare* where it's £39.55 delivered.


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