Kids Go FREE On Short Breaks @ Legoland

Kids Go FREE On Short Breaks @ Legoland

Fancy a short break at Legoland this summer? Book a short break this August and Kids go FREE!

As well as saving up to £55 with the Kids Go Free offer you also get your 2nd Day FREE in the park.

And too make things even better you also get a voucher for 20% off food and drink at the Park too!

There's no code to enter as the discount has been applied automatically, just book before 4th August to get your free kids places.

This offer is for nearby partner hotels, not the one on the resort itself, and prices start from just £33 per person.

This Kids Go Free offer started today and runs until midnight on the 3rd of August so you just have a few days to make the most of this offer. Have fun!


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  • Caz D.

    Is this any good ? X

    • Kerry B.

      not sure if this is any good to you? X

      • Abi W.

        Thank you lovely xx

      • Kayleigh N.

        Dont really want a short break :confused: only looking for a day there

        • Jodie C.

          ah ok. I didn't read it :see_no_evil:

          • Kayleigh N.

            I thought the same at first, and thought hooray lol

            • Jen B.

              Are you doing the "bring a friend for a £5" again this summer? Thanks

              • Gill C.

                , after our conversation earlier x

                • Kathryn L.

                  Cheers Mrs X x

                • Andy L.

                  We went today and used a voucher off a bag if Cadburys (£1 bag) and it save me around £50, was the best deal I could find, ti stay in the hotel over night with 2 days Park entry is around £600 fir the 3 of us :-/

                  • Pamela G.


                    • Kim R.

                      We have the merlin pass so we don't pay anymore so it doesn't make it any cheaper. The hotel is expensive - we are staying near by!

                      • Kayleigh B.

                        O yeh lol

                        • Melanie A.

                          don't know if this is of interest xx

                          • Debbie G.

                            not sure if this is any good x

                            • Clare N.

                              Ooh thanks Debbie I'll see what I can do. It is Michaels pay day tee hee xx

                              • Debbie G.

                                I just see another link for tickets and a night in a hotel for 148? I don't know if that's any good I tag you in it anyway x

                                • Clare N.

                                  Yes please deb. I love a bargain lol xxx

                                • Janette J.

                                  mathe they will do similar next time we go

                                  • Michael J.

                                    Maybe let's hope so

                                  • Catherine Y.

                                    Thanks Mrs!! We've just booked up through something similar. Boys are so excited this morning...pity they have to wait another 4 weeks!!

                                    • Kirsty B.

                                      We're all booked up already xx

                                      • Yan C.

                                        Thanks Lori. X x

                                        • Lauren L.

                                          Just read it's only until 3 August X