Gelert Portable Gas Camping Stove £9.99 @ Amazon

Gelert Gas Cooker

Amazon seems to be gearing up for Summer at the moment, as they add great outdoor and camping deals to their weekly promotions list.  A great example is the 55% they’re giving you off the Gelert Portable Gas Cooker, making this £21.99 stove just £9.99. This deal ends just on midnight tonight, so don't delay!

Okay, so this is quite a basic cooker, and it isn’t going to replace your home cooking equipment. It’s also not going to provide for the whole campsite, or withstand major wind (and please don’t use it in your tent!) but it is perfectly suitable for the occasional camper who needs to boil the kettle for a cuppa, or prepare a quickie dinner at the campsite.

It’s quite a compact cooker, and only weighs 2.2kg – without the gas canister – so it’s not going to take up too much room in your kit and it is great to have the flexibility to be able to brew your own refreshments if everything around you is still closed early in the morning.

Also, be sure you have the right gas canisters and that you know how to set it up, or you may find yourself with a hungry crew and the wrong equipment!

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  • arwood
    portable gas cooker is useful anf it's very cheap. bep dien Only need £9.99. So great!

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