Discounted The Baby Show Tickets & Tommee Tippee Bargains (With Code)

6 January 2015


Are you pregnant? If you are know someone who is then you must buy tickets to The Baby Show as a treat. If ever there was a way of making yourself more excited about your pregnancy, this would be it. With free samples, and the latest baby gear on show, there's so much to see. I have been to one Baby Show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You will love it just as much if you have a baby or toddler. The tickets don't come cheap, unless you read the PlayPennies blog of course! It's in London ExCeL 20-22nd February so check it out!

Click the link above and all you have to do is enter the promo code EMMAS and you will see a list of discounted tickets. If you are in the need of some Tommee Tippee feeding equipment, then you can get that on The Baby Show Ticket Booking Page too.

For example the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is £44.99 and comes with 150 litre filter plus two The Baby Show tickets! That is a tremendous bargain! Even if you don't want the tickets!

The tickets themselves are £11.95 for a single ticket and £11 each when you buy two. Children aged up to 12 are free, so it can really work out as a cheap day-out. Although, I can't guarantee that the kids will enjoy it!

Thanks to Deedee89 @ HUKD

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  • juliedobson
    Just to let you know, the Perfect prep machine package is £44.99 per ticket, so you need to use the drop down box to select 2/4/6 etc, which makes it nearly £90 per PAIR
  • SuzieL
    Very misleading about the Tommee Tippee stuff as you have to buy 2 tickets so not really that much of a good deal.

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