4 Night Disneyland Paris Break Just £89pp @ Travelzoo

4 Night Disneyland Paris Break £89pp

If you are planning a holiday with the family why not take a look at this fab offer over at Travelzoo. It's not very often you see a family break to Disneyland Paris for less than £100 each so when you do, grab it!

Travelzoo are offering this exclusive deal from Magic Break for as little as £89 per person! This price is based on 2 adults sharing and 2 children under the age of seven sharing. This four night break includes accommodation and includes travel dates during the half term holidays.

Included in the offer is a 4 night stay at Disney's Santa Fe Hotel or Disney's Cheyenne Hotel in a standard room. You also get a 5 day Hopper Ticket, FASTPASS and Extra Magic Hours. This means no waiting around in queues for rides and early entry into the park before it opens to the public, definitely worth it's weight in gold I'd say!

There are several dates available between January and March 2017, you can also upgrade to Half Board which includes breakfast and dinner for an extra £21 per adult per night and an extra £11 per child per night.

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  • Kimme C.


  • Kerrie E.

    Its a family of 4 :(

  • Kirsty H.

    Dates between January and March?

  • Leigh M.

    Probably because the hotel offered is being refurbished

    • Ann L.

      It's Cheyenne or santa fe, both usually around this price anyway though at the time being offred. Looking on Disney website only cheyenne is being refurbished during the dates I looked at, would expect if cheyenne is being done up you'll be offered santa fe and visa versa

  • Kerene H.


  • Kerene H.

    Oooh !!x

  • Rebecca L.

    Based 4 people :persevere:

  • Laura M.


  • Jenny C.

    And it's not The actual Disneyland hotel it's Santa Fe and the Cheyenne X

  • Lynsey F.


  • Raegan B.

    I booked direct with Disney for Feb 2017, in the hotel Cheyenne. 4 nights for a family of 4 for £356 xx

    • Raegan B.

      Includes, fast passes and breakfast plus magic hours xx

    • Ann L.

      We've stayed there, we loved it. We drove via euro tunnel x

    • Jo-Ella B.

      Could you pay deposit with disney direct?

  • Sarah S.

    Outta season but fab price

  • Stacey H.

    sounds good x

  • David A.

    Needs to be in summer hols.

  • Samantha B.

    - only 2 adults and 2 kids though x

  • Beth G.

    I wish.:heart_eyes:

  • Laura L.

    Oooooo I'll take a look xx

  • Kerry D.

    We should go in January be all wintery

  • Laura G.

    Can you imagine how busy it would be in the school holidays :see_no_evil:. I would go back tomorrow, I love Disneyland! X

  • Martin L.

    family of 4 so no good for us :-( x

  • Ann L.

    I've paid a similar price to this twice booking direct for Feb half term. Try pricing up with Disney too. I've just quoted via here and Disney itself. ... Both the same.

  • Kay T.

    look at this bargain. I think maybe we both have paid too much :worried:

    • Helen C.

      Might book to go back next year :joy:

    • Kay T.

      Just read it and it isn't as good a deal as it makes out. It's not Disney hotel it's cheaper ones than we have booked and doesn't include food or Eurostar so all that's added on X

    • Helen C.

      Yeah I thought that about the food not being included and we both know how expensive that is, especially if you want to meet the characters! X

    • Kay T.

      exactly most the deals seem too good to be true for a reason X

  • Laura G.

    They would absolutely love it! R would be in his element in the studios with all the Toy Story rides & the new Cars ride! X

  • Lizzie L.

    Ah I'd love this!

  • Sam D.

    Don't tempt me :blush:

  • Rachel H.

    Me too! In feb too, beats a bday party ;) offer on til october, get saving x

  • Lizzie L.

    This I could afford but the travel... £399 for a family of 4 on the euro star!!!!!

  • William L.

    looks good cheers

  • Vanessa S.

    tempting ha ha ha

  • Emma C.

    look!! My birthday present lol!!

  • Becki A.

    Awesome x

  • Bianca B.


  • Stacey M.

    Looks good ah :heart_eyes: next year Jan Feb xxx

  • Jenna D.


  • Lisa W.

    what about this next year?????

    • Tara B.

      Thts soo good! Wud tht b in a half term? Cx

  • Shellie P.

    ive done some quotes on this page and all prices coming around the 1s we spoke about earlier, some good.prices for new york/newport bay x

  • Beth G.

    Maybe next year ;)

  • Tania R.

    Doesnt say how much for children over 7 x

  • Jamie B.

    2017 and only need £55 deposit now! :) I will pay deposit when get payed! X

  • Emma M.

    .... Can we go back? PLEASE?

  • Lisa D.

    Probably not doing it now X as they want to go snowboarding :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:xx

  • Vanessa B.

    Sadly for children under 7

  • Renay K.

    If this was available in June we could have booked it for after our thing. HM xxx

  • Lorraine A.

    still due a 30th b day treat :joy:

  • Zoe Y.

    It's for 2017

  • Zoe Y.


  • Abbie S.

    It's honestly the best place ever I wish I could stay there forever and be a princess and am 19 almost 20 xx

  • Sophie B.

    OMG !!!

  • Sophie B.

    Just looked into it and it's that price but 89 for the girls too xx

  • Alice A.

    It says per person but I'm sure under 3s go free??

  • Sophie B.

    Yeah but you have to have a family of four to total the amount they want so realistically it would be cheaper to book on the website alone. I will look xxx

  • Emma S.

    half term is 20/2 to 24/02

  • Jo-Ella B.

    Anyone else finding the website wont load as you go to finalise? X

  • Lisa C.

    this sounds good don't know what it includes have a look..x

  • Lynsey S.

    Too good to be true? Xx

  • Kelly D.

    We got a quote for disney few weeks back :grinning::grinning: gonna go 2018 tho xx

  • Jodie T.


  • Donise M.

    Would love to go back soon

  • Lizzie L.

    Really good deal though x

  • Emily C.

    Nice one xx

  • Lauren S.

    good price that xx

  • Jill C.

    That's amazing!

  • Belinda M.

    deal finished in march

  • Hayley M.

    I know I saw this I really fancy?????

  • Claire W.


  • Louise R.


  • Tracey L.

    We need to get sorted xx

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